Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The DDA, Land-Pooling Model

The land-pooling model proposed for land assembly and development with Developer Entities(DE) is as follows:

 • The two categories of land pooling are Category I - 20 Hectares(Ha) and above and Category II - 2 Hectares to less than 20 Hectares.
 • The land returned to Developer Entity (DE) in Category I (20 Ha and above) will be 60% and land retained by DDA 40%.
 • The Land returned to Developer Entity (DE) in Category II (2 Ha to less than 20 Ha) will be 48% and land retained by DDA 52%.
 • The distribution of land returned to DE (60%) in terms of land use in Category I will be 53% Gross residential, 2% City Level Public / Semi-Public and 5% City Level Commercial.
 • The distribution of land returned to DE (48%) in terms of land use in Category II will be 43% as Gross residential, 2% City Level Public/Semi-Public and 3% City Level Commercial.
 • DE shall be returned land within 5km radius of pooled land subject to other planning requirements.

Development Control Norms

• Residential FAR, 400 for Group Housing to be applicable on net residential land which is exclusive of the 15% FAR reserved for EWS Housing
• Net Residential land to be a maximum of 55% of gross residential land
• FAR for City Level Commercial and City Level PSP to be 250
• Maximum Ground Coverage shall be 40%
• Density of 15% FAR for EWS population shall be considered over and above the 
permissible Gross Residential Density of 800-1000 pph (person per hectare)
• Adequate parking as per norms of 2 ECS/100 sqm of BUA to be provided for Residential 
development by the DE. In case of EWS, the norms of 0.5 ECS/100 sqm of BUA to be 
• Incentives for Green Building norms as per MPD-2021 to be applicable to Group Housing 
developed under this policy
• Basement below and beyond building line up to setback line may be kept flushed with 
the ground in case mechanical ventilation is available. In case not prescribed, basement 
up to 2 mts from plot line shall be permitted
• Sub-division of gross residential areas and provision of facilities (local and city level) shall 
be as per MPD 2021
• Local level facilities to commensurate with the density specified
• Tradable FAR is allowed for development. However, in case of residential use, tradable 
FAR can only be transferred to another DE in the same planning Zones having approval/license of projects more than 20 Ha Other terms and conditions
• Development along TOD (Transit Oriented Development-land development designed to encourage mass transit use) corridors in urbanisable areas will be as per TOD policy
• In case of fragmented land holdings, land shall be returned in the vicinity of the largest 
land holding within the same zone.
• EWS Housing unit size to be ranging between 32-40 sqm.
• 50% of the EWS Housing Stock shall be retained by Developer Entity (DE) and disposed 
only to the Apartment owners, at market rates, to house Community Service Personnel (CSP) working for the Residents/ Owners of the Group Housing. These will be developed by DE at the respective Group Housing site / premises or contiguous site.
• Remaining 50% of DUs developed by DE to be sold to DDA for EWS housing purpose will be sold to DDA / Local Bodies at base cost of Rs. 2000/- per sq. ft. as per CPWD index of 2013 (plus cost of EWS parking)
• Necessary commercial and PSP facilities shall also be provided by the DE for this separate housing pocket.
• The EWS housing component created by the DE shall be subject to quality assurance checks, as prescribed in this regard by Govt./DDA. The final handing/taking over of this component shall be subject to fulfilling the quality assurance requirements.
• The DE shall be allowed to undertake actual transfer/transaction of saleable component under its share/ownership to the prospective buyers only after the prescribed land and EWS housing component is handed over to the DDA.
• External Development Charges and any other development charges incurred for the city infrastructure shall be payable by the DE on actual cost incurred by DDA


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