Friday, January 23, 2015

Campaign That Literally Stopped Traffic

With a different residential project in hand, which had to be sold purely by invitation, and that also to a limited audience, our hands were really bound and were limited in the ways and means by which marketing of the project could be done. We had to devise a new and exclusive marketing strategy to market this real estate product, which could only be marketed to IT company’s employees. We had to create the highest level of awareness to this highly educated and sophisticated community.

As such marketing real estate has seen a dramatic shift in the past decade. “Outbound” real estate campaigns such as print ads, cold calling and direct mailers, have fallen out of favor as technology continues to grow and proliferate. Any traditional method to market this project slowly and gradually was ruled out. We had to find something innovative and different in order to reach our audience.

Our target audience being all IT professionals; it called for a more serious campaign, designed exclusively for them and which could provide an air of transparency, authenticity, and trust to these prospective customers. The simple traditional techniques were totally ruled out and entire structuring of our marketing campaign had to be out of the box.

The main driving force behind our marketing campaign was a direct and straight message through a Safari car, wrapped all around with the project details, very specific and to the point. We choose a TV display inside which would run the presentation of the project, and the lucky draw scheme was clubbed with every booking, thus a display of nicely wrapped gifts along with TV in the boot of the car.

We choose a red carpet to attract our exclusive clientele, and queue managers alongside the carpet to manage the crowd. The sales executives carried the Lenovo ideapads to gather personal client information, made it all jazzy on one side and very classy on the other. The leads would get transferred directly through the server to the main head office.

Got a huge response from the market and project reached successfully to its untapped, niche clientele as well.


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