Thursday, January 23, 2014

Social Promotions N Real Estate

We all know the traditional methods of selling real estate, but with market turning uncertain and unpredictable, and the huge costs related to traditional marketing, one of the reasons that many professionals are no longer using radio, television or print ads to sell, any more.

But selling has to be done, then how to sell? One choice is to stick with the old and get tired with hardly or no good results, or second choice is to adopt the new and unique, be creative, have fun, sell more and enjoy. These days the current trend is people are becoming less social offline and more social online. So the action plan is to direct towards Social promotions online, we are discussing here about the huge potential this new medium of marketing brings to us at no extra cost.

But there are ground rules which apply to all types of networking. The real purpose of a social networking sites is to build relationships, networking, knowing people, understanding them. Don’t mix self-promotion with social networking. The rules of the game apply online as much as it does offline. People like to buy from the person they like. So make people like you online as well, not through self-promotion but through genuinely being interested in other people. Inbound marketing is the key, marketing that does not need to be intrusive or interruptive, one of the most organic and effective ways to accomplish these goals.

Social networking is the prime example of effective inbound marketing – if done right of course, we can reach our target audience and win them too. We have to effectively tap the online, unlimited resource, the place where a pool of prospective clients continues to grow each day. Every real estate professional knows that selling homes isn’t about buildings, it’s about people. They are living emotional beings, who buy and live in the buildings, don’t treat them like machines.

There is a difference between advertising and networking, develop networking. Be energetic, enthusiastic and passionate on line, tweet your enthusiasm to everybody out there. Passion breeds passion. What are the effective methods online to attract footfall to your site; make people interested in what you are doing. One approach is to create contests and special offers. For example:
  1. Photo Contest on Facebook
  2. Vote Contest on Twitter
  3. Sweepstakes on Twitter
  4. Video Contest on Facebook
  5. Pinterest Tab on Facebook

Use Twitter/ Facebook and blog/website for these types of contests. Get a little crazy and creative – loosen up and have a bit of fun. Enjoy being with people, understand them a bit, know their needs and then offer them what they want. Usually done by connecting emotionally with the buyer - establish and maintain a connection between the property and the potential new customer.

We know that video upload has been around for a while. We’ve seen the cheesy “buy the property” videos and the nothing-more-than-slide-shows-set-to-music videos. Creative use of video, however, is a concept that is just starting to take off as more and more sales professionals begin to feel comfortable stepping away from the herd. Go ahead show your creativity here, come out with some great, different ideas and concepts, load them and make clients interested.

Videos, email marketing, mobile apps marketing, blog articles, and micro-blogging efforts should all be working in one concentrated effort, in order to get as many qualified, relevant visitors back to the main website as possible. Since the objective of all online marketing and social promotions is to drive traffic to the main website, we need to have a well-designed site that is easy to navigate. A well designed website should be both eye-catching and informative. We should be able to generate more leads than we know what to do with. Just remember, website should be working for us, not vice versa. If it is not then one needs to reassess the website and marketing strategies. Go ahead be creative.


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