Friday, January 31, 2014

Real Estate- Dreams of Today n Vision for Tomorrow

Way back in 2003, when I got into real estate, after spending years of my life in architecture, little did I know, what I was getting into. Real estate at that time was more like a property shop, disorganized, with hardly any processes or systems in place; it was not an industry at all. But I sincerely love my decision of stepping in here; it transformed my life forever. After spending eleven years here, I can definitely call this an industry, and I can say that I truly love real estate.

This industry is full of innovative thinkers, socially responsible developers, and mostly ambitious individuals. The real estate game is indeed played by the people, and it’s the people that make it great. With that in mind I encourage each and every one in this profession to become a student of the game and gain more knowledge every day to bring about positive change. As this industry is changing very fast, so we need to be updated and kept abreast with latest trends and information. In this industry's language only "An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest".

It is not easy to be a real estate developer, today when we have examples of lot of entrepreneurs; business conglomerates that were successful in other industries, have now entered into real estate and made a huge success story. It is only by having a big dream today, and having a great vision for a better tomorrow, which helps one succeed in this industry, despite all the odds that are likely to come your way. I would like to add here- "Vision is the Art of seeing what is Invisible to others."

What I have realized and always felt is that, Real estate professionals are certainly a unique group of people, a group of individuals with completely different skill-sets, who come together and build something that is architecturally significant, makes a neighborhood better, and create wonderful humane spaces in which people can work and play. One creates tangible assets that make an immediate impact on society.

Real Estate involves a grand physical scale, a component of artistry, and a relative permanence. But real estate can also be dangerous, when you know less and think you know it all. Life is all about learning more and more, and at all ages and at all phases of our life, so learn more and more and let it become a little less dangerous. In business schools we learn a lot of techniques and concepts, but no school can teach us about real financial risk – the kind that would be life-altering for anyone. And trust me you have to put yourself in such a situation, in order to understand a real estate transaction. Then only you would be in the right position to understand what your client is going through. For choosing this as a career, understand the risks involved, and the decision making hiccups involved. But it’s really worth the roller coaster ride, which this industry provides us, being a real estate professional, it allows me to participate in one of the most important moments in a person’s life, it allows me to protect these people’s interests, and be a person in their life that they remember as a confidant, trustworthy personnel, who helped them, sail through their tough deal smoothly.
I would encourage the youngsters to choose a career in real estate; it can open the door to many opportunities. Today’s fast-paced market offers a challenging career opportunity in real estate; however, long hours, hard work, diligence, and perseverance are a must to be successful here, but isn’t that true to be successful anywhere. Building a career in real estate, as with most professions, requires a great deal of hard work. But with commitment, there is potential for great personal and financial rewards. You should not expect immediate results, it does take some time.

Real estate is as much about relationship building as it is about selling. Those who have achieved significant success in the real estate industry may not only have a strong knowledge of the industry, but they also maximize the benefits of networking and continued education. Come join the bandwagon, be a part of this thrilling roller coaster ride, have fun.


  1. Finally i found anyone having interested in writing blogs on real estate and connected with this type of industry as well in my friends circle. I am also in this field but i am not architect but simply a civil engineer. And i appreciate your blog writing on these kind of topics. As i know a little bit of this industry so would love to read something more written by you on the same.

  2. thanks Bhushan for your encouragement, i m sure in future, u will find it even more interesting.

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