Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Manifest Positive Thoughts

Many times when we think now we have become very learned and experienced after gaining so much knowledge, we start judging our present with the past experience of ours. Wearing those glasses, whatever we perceive, we think is right and best option for that situation, while we completely ignore the other possibilities which can be generated by some one else in the same situation, who would not judge the situation with our experienced parameters or glasses. We operate in the limited capacity of past experiences, knowledge of what has been. If we really want to feel as though our potential is limitless, which it is, move out of the limited past and get in touch with the Authentic self, which has solutions for any situation at the present moment. One feels less resistance, and more freedom.

Living in the Now allows us to believe in the limitless possibilities of our achievements. When we let the fear, disappointment, or negative experiences we've had in the past live in our conscious minds, we resist the abundance that we can access at any time. We have two choices when we experience disappointment: we can choose to adopt a state of struggle and victim hood, or we can release the negative emotions related to the experience and create a different future with our intentions and our focus.

It has been said that our greatest victory comes not in ever falling, but in rising each time we fall. If we don't consciously choose to release our past experiences then we end up manifesting similar experiences over and over.

We are all beings of energy, and the Universe is made up of energy packets, we are connected and our thoughts and actions create a ripple effect. It all contributes to the collective consciousness. Discover exactly HOW to create a human experience that truly reflects the divinely abundant nature of our Soul! Maybe we need to do some minor tuning to find the right frequency. The energy we send into the Universe finds a similar channel and plugs into it, like a radio receiver. To find the right channel or frequency, we have to put off vibrations that match the vibrations of our true desires.

One way to get rid of the static and find the channel we want is thinking and feeling high energy emotions like gratitude, abundance, joy. The high energy vibrations automatically plug into a frequency of the same energy level, and we begin to manifest, create, and enjoy the high energy experiences we are now able to receive.

Our past rich experience should be used to make progress in life, leading happier and more prosperous life, and in case it creates doubts or comes in the way of our happiness and progress, then we really need to stop and check. This is a very deep spiritual question related to how we interpret our experiences and how we take life's challenges and transform them into blessings. I believe this is the true meaning of alchemy; instead of turning lead into gold, however, we're turning so-called negatives into positives.

Thinking positively is simply a matter of looking for blessings and finding them, even when they're in disguise. If we pretend to be a "positive person" whether we feel positive or not, eventually, we will become a positive person. The more we can express gratitude for life, God and the people we meet, the more gratitude will become a part of our nature, and gratitude is the emotion of the highest vibration. It is synonymous with "pure, positive energy."

In every recession or depression or messed up state of affairs, while the majority is struggling and floundering, there are some who prosper. These are the positively focused individuals who are always on a hunt for blessings in disguise. It applies not only to business and economics, but to every aspect of our lives: where there is a problem, there is an opportunity. Instead of being a "problem-solver" (which is exhausting), study those people, and become an opportunity finder/creator.

Thought is the most powerful influence in our life. Life is thought, and as a man thinks, so he becomes." When we watch our thoughts closely we can see that we are making things happen. Choose happiness and love and we cannot go wrong! It is very simple, whenever encountered with a negative thought, instead of trying to fight it, simply "turn on the light," and it will vanish. Shadows can't exist in the presence of light. It means show it the truth, peace and happiness, replace the lines with more positive words.

Our attitude will not change overnight. We will have to learn to read a lot about positive thinking type books and be persistent to change how we think. Remember the ways we think did not just happen; we were conditioned to this way of thinking. We were not born with a bad attitude and self defeating thoughts.

Manifesting is the development of our souls and into a divine being which we were all born to be able to do. It is our birthright. When we were children we would daydream about whatever we wanted in our lives. As time went on we were told by our parents or society that we can not do this or that and we began to believe this and it is now a reality. We need to learn and teach ourselves how to manifest our lives all over again just like a child would daydream. This is done through positive thinking, faith and a great attitude about our life.

Like every day is fresh day, we should create fresh thoughts for these new situations, thoughts from the past are stale, they cannot bring new, fresh and better results, see good in every situation and create a better future by manifesting the right positive thoughts in the present. Combining inspired action with right thoughts allows us to make miracles happen. Happy Manifesting!


  1. Hello!

    Nice blog, I really like the positive messages.
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  2. Hi Normies,

    Thanks, u r welcome. yes sure i would check your blog too.

  3. Hi Sonia, I agree with all the things you've listed here... A nice read :) Very true that our thoughts decide our destiny and our everyday events... Its good to seek positivism in every situation and keep manifesting it to have a better day and life :) Thanks for sharing this!!

  4. thanks Anand, keeping positivity is a great task, we have to develop it as a habit.

  5. Your thoughts are refreshing.. You create a beautiful imagery! I really like way to go about soul searching.. :)

  6. thanks Ameya, yes sure it shall be an interesting journey.

  7. Inspiring post. When people begin to realize that their life is a result of their energies, whether positive or negative, their lives begin to change. Each day truly is something to be grateful for.

  8. Following! Very inspiring post. Made me think a lot!

  9. Very inspiring. I liked the expression 'fresh thoughts for new situations'.

  10. Thanks Onkar, yes since every situation is new, should be thought of in a new way.

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  15. Nice blog. Liked the phrase "turn on the lights". I blogged about thoughts of fear and faith as well in my blog. Check it out. I am new to indiblogger and have added you to my network.

    1. thanks panks, sure will check that too

  16. we really need to monitor our thoughts...and yes you were so right positive thoughts are like light...switch it on negative thoughts will automatically vanish..

    So inspiring...Thanks :)