Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Inner Fitness

When we talk about inner fitness, it is not about any fitness regime concerned with health, we are concerned with inside calmness and inner stability, I believe that if this aspect of inner fitness is there health automatically follows. We have to make this inner stability, this peace as an integral part of our personality. This is from where the true leadership also begins.

The concept of inner fitness is directly related with spirituality and spirituality plays an important role in enhancing our professional lives. The real bottom line in business is spiritual and personal growth. As the business world becomes more complex and demanding, there is a need for a stronger foundation on which to build a professional life, job, or career. Principles that influence the quality of passionate work; how to absorb them into daily practice? Spiritual/ inner fitness increases energy, reduces absenteeism, improve sleep and mental outlook and overall health.

We live with so many wrong beliefs all of our lives, one of such beliefs I was living with was: "peaceful are those, who are weak, who are powerless. If I am calm and peaceful people will walk over me”. But this is not true it is a wrong belief, rather peace is actually for strong people, inner peace itself gives a lot of power, and rather anger depicts loss of power. In a leadership position one has to know the difference between assertiveness and submissiveness. Assertiveness indicates inner stability and putting your point straight forward, where as submissiveness creates turmoil inside and is represented with anger or fear outside. Fear paralyzes and one can not find the right solution.

There should be times when we should choose to be quiet because there is no benefit in getting angry at that situation. And if there is any task to be done, the request should be clear and straight forward. When we chose to be quiet, we shall be stable inside and can listen to the whole situation in a way finding, and solving the issue rather than messing it up further.

Now there is another wrong belief which most of us live with: “If I am quiet- I lost!” Question is what do I want to win? What is winning and losing? In the game of life we are all together we are not competing. If we have to loose something we have to loose our anger and fear; our jealousy and proud. Our life is our own choice- what we want? Then I win. I win over the illusion that life is not a race or a competition. My journey is my own, on this road of life, I am driving my own vehicle.

How do we as individuals and organizations survive and thrive amid tremendous change and transition? The key to dealing with transitions is having a changeless, principle-centered core. Learn to see change as a challenge, not as a threat. During a challenge we should learn how to develop our internal compass and use it as a source of security, guidance, wisdom and power.

Internal compass or inner fitness can be developed by following simple steps, number one is to let go of suffering, mental noise and anxiety. We miss so much when our minds are cluttered with events of the past and anticipation of the future. The energy we give to things that are not part of the present is wasted and blocks us from seeing and experiencing what is right in front of us.

When we have inner stability we can create the life we want not how others dictate or want our life to be. It is a life free from anxiety, disturbance and irritation. The right thoughts will create the right words, right words will create the right actions, and right actions will create the right harmony in our life. With right thoughts, actions and behavior we are creating a peaceful, content and happy life. Let us take out time to feel the love and support which already exists around us. Listen for the still, small voice within and be open and receptive to the answers we seek. Then the path we travel shall be filled with the fragrant sweet smell of roses.

Our peace and inner stability is checked the moment somebody shouts at us! Or the moment a challenging situation arises? How do we react at that time is the true test of all the lessons learnt, that is the true test on the scale of spirituality where we stand. In the small, small situations we face daily! Normally we shout – to attract attention, but if we show and have acceptance towards others, then why to waste our valuable energy in getting angry?

Step on the path of knowing thy SELF and we will reach greater heights of success, creativity and joy; feeling more spiritually radiant. I have heard that happiness resides within us and have believed it. I must say profound, to experience our true happiness and to find the place within us it radiates from, has nothing to do with people, places, or conditions in the external world.

When we see, and admit, our essential powerlessness to provide for ourselves what we believe can make us happy. This is a necessary stage in our spiritual development: to realize we don't have a clue how to help ourselves become whole. This discovery alone makes it possible for us to learn real patience and inner calmness.


  1. What a nice post! I am currently in a phase of changes and your post was really helpful!

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    "inner peace very imp. and necessary but also difficult to achieve it mam..whenever i tried to have this always got confused 4m where to start..."

  5. @ Bhawna

    "start from your first negative thought, stop & check there and then. Develop a habit of thinking less, and slowly thoughtlessness, as 99.9% of our thoughts are negative, we need to stop them and then to change them to positive, there is no other rocket science."

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