Friday, May 20, 2011

Tide Of Change

Recently took up a new role and responsibility with a real estate company at a new position. Real estate industry in India- the main excitement of this industry is that it is changing rapidly, and another major attraction here is of helping make although miniscule but some little contribution to the growth and infrastructure development of the nation. This made the role a terrific opportunity. Being a new company in this industry my role is more as the growth driver, the challenger, and the visionary, cultural leader, customer champion, focused on people and values, and very much the public face of the organization. The role involves execution, strategy support, growth enabling, productivity and process transformation, as well as compliance.

By the time we reach our forties we know a great deal more about life than we did when we began our careers. This wisdom and knowledge, as well as the insight into myself, was an important catalyst for this career move. When we begin our working careers most of us work with a singular drive to succeed in competitive careers that offer high wages. Yet, later in life, we develop a grasp on what really compels us to remain productive in the company. Later on the career goals are no longer driven by high wages and a certain status instead it is replaced by a desire to find passion, enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment from our work. Because of this, the challenge becomes more like an adventure as we set about developing new skills growing our self along with our work. And let us not forget that we haven't even reached the halfway point of our most productive years.

In this fast-changing times of doing business, creativity should be on top of the list of qualities of a good leader. What has been effective in the past years might not be effective tomorrow, so creative leaders tend to weigh in the methods used as well as the results obtained in the past and then try to ‘custom-fit’ it to the present situation to obtain the best possible results. I am trying to be as creative and as flexible as that.

Integrity and Influence can put us to the top but Creativity makes us stay on top. I think slowly but surely, modern managers are realizing that the complex situations they face require not only creativity, but also inquisition and even more recently a new focus on socially responsible practices to meet the increasing demands of the multifaceted customer. Another aspect here is that creativity is strongly needed to be able to lead the young ones that are no still attending school.

Change is the law of nature, and one’s growth depends a lot upon, how accepting and welcoming one can be towards this change. When we are caught up in the tide of change and there is no turning back, might as well adjust, adapt and mould ourselves as per the requirement of the situation. With this attitude if we enter into new role, success is not far away. Many opportunities await the motivated individual who wants a change.

Although in a new set up but in any business or company, it's about two things: the people and the product. Naturally, there has to be a great deal of focus on the product itself, especially in terms of making sure it's competitive with the offerings out there right now. We need to have the features that industry demands and accepts, bringing future value to our customers. Behind every great company, there are great people. My hope is to give the current staff the resources they need to be successful, and to identify new people that can take this company to the next level as we grow. I strongly believe that there is great capacity in every individual and each one has there own set of strengths and weaknesses. As a leader one has to be accepting and humble enough to this fact and curious enough to selflessly and compassionately connect with others in a desire to bring about the best in them.