Saturday, March 26, 2011

Little Is Enough

Today when we see the endless ads, marketing of latest products, mobiles, electronic gadgets, cars, dresses, cosmetics……., sometimes make me wonder from where does this race starts and where does it ends? How much does a man need? Where does this greed end?

Why does even after possessing all latest materialistic pleasures one is unhappy with his/her daily routine? Why can’t we adapt a simple living instead of being inclined towards acquiring materialistic possession? How can one become Self-sufficient in this Materialistic World? Perhaps it is time to think…...

What is the bottom line? Is it this growing fixation for something which is adding no value to our peace of mind? No doubt, products do have a functional value, but being obsessed about our possessions and running after them is absurd. What happens to our quality of life when we value materialism?

In a world obsessed with materialism, entertainment, and vanity it is no wonder that many people have become unhappy with their lives. Working to pay a mortgage, car loan, and credit cards, life has lost its appeal for many. And when it seems the bank owns everything, and has trapped us in an endless cycle of working to pay the bills people seeking greater happiness must ask oneself, is it all really worth it?

It is a point of concern that we are becoming more and more materialistic with every passing day. The real issue is when this mad materialistic race distracts one from honesty and hard work. This tendency has isolated us from the actual spirit of life and has pushed it towards selfishness. The wish to become rich overnight by hook or by crook has resulted in increased crime and other issues like murders, robberies, kidnappings, bomb explosions, etc...

It is precisely a race to match to the standards of the society in which we live. It is a false belief of feeling happy after owning an expensive “thing”. There is no connection between our happiness and acquiring expensive products. We all shall comprehend the concealed fact that this happiness from possessions is really temporary, superficial, short-lived, lasts just for a while and then we start running after something else…….

Today an ordinary man is not clear and rather suffers in the darkness of these overly inflated, unrealistic ideas about the worth of wealth and possessions, ignoring true self-worth, deep satisfaction and genuine meaning of life. When we run after possessions, we continuously create goals, wants and desires in order to measure up to an ideal situation, setting up discrepancies from what we already possess. And we start living with an incomplete identity and thus decreased life satisfaction.

Once we introspect and tell our self that It’s “ONLY ME” who has the power to make myself happy; we will realize that these materialistic things won’t attract us anymore or at least we shall not bother to run after them. More is not better and in no way linked with happiness. We have to correct the underlying psychological issues that lead to such an empty pursuit which is detrimental to our well being.

The issues within us will always be there until and unless we address them. One of the core aspects of leading a fulfilling life is our self esteem. If our self esteem is high then we can go out and win over the world in any given circumstances; we don’t need expensive mobiles, cars or clothes to do that.

We as superficial materialistic society need to discover that life has much more to offer than the opportunity for shopping, shopping, and shopping. And that people shouldn't be rated by material possessions. The best things in life are still free!

Even God must be thinking that what actually He has to offer to a man to quench his thirst of desires and turn him into a happy soul!!! As all His efforts to make us happy have been futile, whatever we asked for He kept on giving us and still could not make us smile, and we still keep on asking for more and more and more, these are unending and thankless desires. And when we are all the time running after them, we fail to count and thank already existing blessings, ignoring them, taking them for granted and realizing later when we have even lost the existing blessings in the race to get more. (Health and Family are the most often, most ignored ones…)

Little is Enough, right now also we have enough to be happy and content, just look around and count the blessings and stop running after more……Enough, enough to be Happy.


  1. You are right. Possession of materialistic things is a never-ending process. Happiness lies within.

  2. Iam into the rage now.I see an Ipad ,I want that,I see a playstation I feel like having that.But yeas ,this race is never ending ,my inner soul always warns me it's all in you ..all that an Ipad has,your computer/laptop too has ,why repeat?
    good post sonia

  3. Your blog post is very thought-provoking. Will be reading future posts.

  4. You have a wonderful heart to know that material things don't last and there are so much more that is important! I look forward to reading more of your blog

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  6. thanks Rajji, yes one needs to be in the constant control and assessment of where these material goods are driving us......

  7. A great reminder that things don't make us happy. What we have here and now is everything. Thanks for sharing your beautiful spirit.

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  8. Sonia your blogs seems very perfect in sense of realism. Feeling Lucky to found out your blog.. enjoying every post.. My wishes to you.. Happy Blogging


  9. thanks a lot Lucky, you are welcome here.

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  11. wonderful thought, i m sorry but i would like to ask, r u really following what u said?
    bcz i feel that satisfaction is the end of success. may be i m wrong but i feel this kind of hunger should be there in every person bcz it helps to that Gui as well as provide motivation to others..............

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  13. thanks anirudha, good question- i m trying my best to follow, and ask God for strength and guidance to help me follow.

    There is a difference between satisfaction and contentment. we shd not be satisfied in order to achieve better goals, but we shd be content with the results achieved after putting in our best.

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  15. As gandhiji once caid-the best way to find yourself is to lose urself in the service of others. nice post!