Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Innocent Suffering

The recent news of Japan earthquake and Tsunami, really makes one think that why God let this happen to innocent people? Why is there so much suffering in the world? Who is to be actually blamed for all these; natural disasters, terminal diseases and so much other mental and physical suffering?

With little introspection, realized we have always learnt to play the blame game, we are ready to blame everyone else including God – that they are responsible for all suffering, but we shall never owe up to ourselves and take our own little responsibility. God created this world and created us, as free spirits, giving us all the freedom in this world to do whatever we want to do, and He has also given us an ability to think and differentiate between right and wrong actions. Our own wrong actions bring suffering in this world.

We cannot ignore this, we have created imbalance on this earth by our fast developing technological advances, we are little concerned about the nature and its balance. Each one of us from using of plastic bags to the making of atom and nuclear bombs is responsible in some way or the other for this imbalance on the earth. Man has himself evolved suffering to enhance and improve his own survival.

But trust me although we might have created a great mess and suffering in our life but God really knows our life and shares our hardship and suffering along with us. And with complete faith and hope in Him, we can come out of it BETTER. Without Him also we shall come out of the suffering but BITTER.

Many times suffering helps us view life in the right perspective. Suffering grabs and drags us to the place where we discover how much we need God's grace. It makes us understand that most material things aren't much of a help for the actual sufferer. We can rationalize which material things really count, which we're better off without, and which simply don't matter.

The gains come from the fact that God and, like God, we ourselves can take 'bad', 'horrible', and even 'evil' situations and make something good come from them. It's this fact that gives us real reason to hope during suffering. This 'good effect' doesn't change the nature or 'badness' of suffering; it is what it is. Garbage heap is no less filthy when there's a diamond in it.

The truth is people need real hope at the time when adversity has struck; we need to have full faith in God, that He shall give His resources to us so that we can face the suffering and make something positive come from it. He gives the direction and power to make these resources work. God gives hope, which itself creates perseverance. He gives wisdom to find the way past the suffering, and to learn from it. He works for believers, with the gifts to support and strengthen. In times of suffering, honor the Lord by trusting Him and knowing that He loves you and has a purpose for your life.

Do not yield to discouragement because of suffering. This is one of the greatest battles we will ever face - the battle to stay encouraged and joyful. PRAYER is a major key to making it through trials. If offered sincerely, in faith, to God, it will help us get out of troubles faster than anything, and we will get stronger and feel less pain in the whole process, because God dwells in the prayer of His people. When we suffer, our response is very important. We need to remember that God still loves us, and while there is life, there is hope. God is sovereign, and there are usually factors in His decisions that we have no knowledge of whatsoever. We have to trust that indeed He is "working all things together for good for those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose" God wants us to be courageous, not unbelieving or fearful. Unbelief can cause all kinds of suffering, for us and others. Unbelief keeps the blessings of God such as healing, forgiveness, fullness and freedom locked out from our lives.

God may have a greater good in mind. He may allow suffering because it somehow fits into a wider plan of things which we, as human beings, are not aware of. Since we are part of this world, we can be crushed by physical forces bigger than us. Since we are vulnerable biological systems, we are subject to disease, degeneration and decay. One day we will certainly die. We have to accept reality the way it is, and exercise our human responsibility in minimizing suffering as much as we can. It was in the suffering and struggling that hard pressed apes found the unexpected discovery of new opportunities, found the way to human intelligence. Suffering by itself does not bring progress. It only does so when it is redeemed by its being grasped as a new opportunity. Fundamentally, therefore, any person can, even under such circumstances, decide what shall become of oneself - mentally and spiritually. An exceptionally difficult external situation can give us an opportunity to grow spiritually beyond our usual self.

Let us take this as an opportunity to pray for all the suffering souls in this world, may God give them strength and courage to fight their way out gloriously from the extreme calamity they are facing.


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  16. As I experienced suffering is not a good teacher because it teaches on the edge of knife like a very rude,demorlising and cunning boss.It teaches us somthing but by killing something inside us.Sometime it kills feelings and sometime emotions.People become very crual and emotionless after facing such adverse conditions.If we want to keep them normal human,we should cure them with innideate help and great love.

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