Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Climbing Heights

Climbing heights, achieving success and rising in the ladder of corporate world, these are quite a heard of words around us. Let us examine how to rate success or achievement? Is it material prosperity like lands and buildings, stocks and shares, ornaments and armaments, cars and convertibles or is it subtle aspirations like success and recognition, power and position, knowledge and skill, relationships? Or is it the-growth within, the self enrichment, the journey from darkness to light. Definitely it is a movement towards the defined objective.

In life, value and belief systems assist in carrying on in spite of the stress placed on the character as one moves toward greater heights of success. For living successfully life should be rich in a wide variety of areas rather than having depth in only one and shallowness or emptiness in others. Bringing life into greater balance energizes us, expand opportunities for success in all areas, and lead to many exceptionally interesting and beneficial unintended consequences! Having a successful career, maintaining a successful relationship with family, conducting in a manner deserving of people’s respect, becoming a productive member of the community, and feeling satisfied all require planning, hard work, and perseverance. Success is not a static event or single goal to be met.

There will always be a higher mountain to climb. Charting the course and scaling the mountain that is our Personal Pinnacle of Success, it is a life-long process. If definitions of success and successful living evolve throughout our lifetime, we will ultimately derive a sense of satisfaction with our achievements as well as a feeling of being successful.

This is actually the secret of climbing heights and then staying in the saddle. 'Karma', the work is the means of reaching the heights of achievement in life. And 'Shama', the tranquility, it is the composed mind, calm mind, untrapped mind, uncluttered mind!!This is the means of preserving the achievement so gained in life.

In today's fast paced world, being good at what we do is not good enough to rise in the corporate hierarchy. We are expected to be good; that's what we get paid for. Being excellent will not do it either. Being excellent only means that we are filling our present place. It's no reason to be promoted or to rise on the corporate ladder.

To be noticed, to be invited to fill a higher and more rewarding position, we must be outstanding. That is where the money is. That's where the train that leads to the top starts. That's where we get the wings that will allow us to soar above the crowd and reach the rarefied air of the mountaintop of success.

Jim Rohn said it best, "Formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune." It is by working every day to improve ourselves that we can acquire the competence to become outstanding and in doing so, become a magnet for opportunities and advancement.

The self-education that Jim Rohn talks about is not restricted to our area of expertise. It also encompasses the entire gamut of the disciplines covered in the self-improvement world. It's about life's philosophy, character building, communication and relationships along with the multitude of subjects being covered in the self-help movement.

Self-education is about personal growth in all its facets. It's about learning how to make finer distinctions and about taking wiser decisions. It's about better self-control and about leadership abilities. In one word, it about becoming a better and more complete person, smarter and wiser.

Greater success is the natural result of inner growth and self-actualization. Just as the tree depends on quality soil to reach maximal growth, success depends on the abundance of the intellect to bloom and flourish.

There are plenty of opportunities out there just waiting for those who have the courage and wherewithal to spend some time every day on self-improvement. Victory belongs to those who have earned it – not to those waiting for some lucky star that won't ever show up.


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