Thursday, January 27, 2011

Real Me!!!!!

Recently we were attending an event on Mata Ki Chawki, a religious get together for remembering God and offering prayers. There a friend of mine asked me two questions which really made me think. First was “Are you religious?” Second one was “Do you go to the temple?”

That was the time I realized we think ourselves to be very well educated, experienced and knowing a lot. But to be very frank I did not have the answers to these two simple questions!!! Later on after quite a soul searching on these questions whatever came to my thoughts I am sharing with all.

To be religious means following a particular religion, its beliefs, values and customs. If one is born to Hindu parents one becomes Hindu and if one is born to Muslim parents one becomes Muslim; but after twenty years of following that religion, one day your parents tell you we have adopted you from a Christian family…….then what is your true religion?? It means being a Hindu or a Christian is a label which we are carrying and viewing the world through that label.

Then I realized there are so many other labels which we carry with us, forgetting our real identity. We identify ourselves as our surname & name, another label, we identify ourselves with the degree we earn in school, college, I am B- Tech, M- Tech, Dr., B.Arch, MBA, ……. so and so, these are some more labels, then there are relationship labels, I am a son, daughter, father, mother, husband, wife, brother, sister, girl friend, boy friend………these are some of the roles we play, is this real me, these are only some more labels…..But where is the real me!!!! Who am I? Is real me the designation one holds; Head – Sales & Marketing, VP- Finance, CEO, HR- Head……….But tomorrow if one retires or lose the job, then who is the real me?

For knowing thy real self, one has to remove one by one each of these labels, know the difference between the real me and just the roles and the labels we carry. Even to perform these roles will become much more efficient, if we know our true self. We shall be much happier, content and fulfilled, if we know; Who am I? Where am I? and why am I here? If the answers to these three questions are clear in our mind, sure the life would be much easier, enjoyable and complete.

After removing all these labels we reach to our body, so am I this body, but there are people who get their sex changed, a male can become a female and vice versa, even the body parts have to be cut and removed for accidental or other reasons, then one is not this body, this is also not the real identity!!! After a lot of introspection- the real identity of everyone here is the soul, which is by nature happy, peaceful and powerful, these are the three intrinsic qualities of our basic nature that is real me. The only issue is the real me has got buried under the dust and weight of all these labels.

These roles and responsibilities will always be there but we have to consciously remember the difference between the real me and my role. Number one responsibility is of myself, and if that is being played correctly then only one can perform the rest of the roles righteously.

The real me is the soul, a conscious energy, and where am I? I am in the field of relationships, in action with other souls. Why am I here? I am here in my natural self with the qualities of being happy and peaceful, playing the various roles I have to perform, whether at home or work or society, everywhere. I am here to share the peace and love with other fellow souls, exchanging this conscious, positive energy. So the one important thing which we have to remember is that first take the responsibility of our self and our state of mind. We have to be first at love and peace with our self and then perform the role.

And when we are without the weight of all these labels, it is very easier to connect to God; one need not go to a temple and stand in all those ques and crowd to connect to God. Just by sitting in the corner of our room, with the eyes closed, one can connect with Him in the corner of his or her own heart. One can connect with Him by connecting with their fellow beings………

Happy soul searching, and in this big crowd, let us not get lost, let us find and connect to our self once again………..let us find the Real Me.


  1. S.k. Sharma wrote @ Facebook:

    "With the continuous soul searching for the last 67 years , I am yet to discover the" REAL ME" .I find NEED and GREED are the major bottlenecks in my search . Congrats Beta ,for a very nice thought provoking article ."

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  5. The real me is the soul, a conscious energy, and Perfectly stated! "where am I? I am in the field of relationships, in action with other souls. Why am I here? I am here in my natural self with the qualities of being happy and peaceful, playing the various roles I have to perform, whether at home or work or society, everywhere. I am here to share the peace and love with other fellow souls, exchanging this conscious, positive energy" I really like your article. We are so much more than the labels we give ourselves. We forget and think that the things we do are our identity. New follower. ~ Carol
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  7. Good blogging. The REAL ME is there inside.. We wear a cover on it everytime.... that's all.

  8. thanks Naimishika, yes these covers only need to be removed one by one, so that we can get in touch with Real Me!!

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  25. I have a friend that says religion no, God yes. I guess it all depends on your prospective, but I believe in following God and His son Jesus and try to keep myself connect to the word of God. I like your thoughts. You put a lot into it.

  26. Hi Madden, gr8 thoughts of your friend, as God is same only religions are different.

  27. my perception is that god is there everywhere, around you, inside you...if you understand yourself, you understand god...and to go to that level we have to remove all these layers of prejudice feed to sun by society since childhood...cannot agree more...

    loved your post...


  28. Great post, made me think. Well i tried to answer the questions that were put to you and I frankly feel that I am not religious but I am definitely spiritual and yes I do go to temple. But Sun Tzu once said that there are two important components, One is to know your self and the other is to know your expectations. Both are equally important. Nice post and keep blogging.

  29. thanks a lot SUB, very well concluded.