Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Know Thyself Better

Most of us believe that we know ourselves very well. But in reality lot of people are strangers to themselves. Why? Not everyone is courageous enough to travel the path within to achieve a better self-understanding. For a person to have a well-lived life, it is important that he knows himself well.

Know thyself, and thou shall know the Universe and God.- Pythagoras
Learning about oneself is a lifetime process. Every day we are given new insights about our self. Maintaining the hunger to know our self better makes us more self-aware, opening up new opportunities to enrich our life.

We are born as a baby, taken care and brought up by our family, receive education by schools and colleges, and then employed by some company to earn a living. Life goes like a journey, in between platforms keep changing. The earlier we ask this question; that do I know myself, the earlier chances of leading a happy and successful life.

It is true that if we are happy with our self then only we can make anyone else happy. To make our self happy we have to know what we are and this demands some self-exploration. The best way to know our self is to be honest about our feelings and explore every new thing which God is exposing us to. Instead of being laid back always welcome anything new which is there around and never ever say no. Then only one gets more challenges and get to know the self better.

Meeting new people and making friends with them is the other way through which we can know our self better. It's always when we meet somebody new then we come across a person with new set of habits, attitude, knowledge, behavior and personality. When we interact with that person we come across so many points which are missing in us. Then we contemplate on the way we reacted with him, or went along with him. In a way we are helping our self to know in a much better way.

Learning new things in life also help in getting to know our self better. You never know while exploring something new you might come across something which excites you and reveals some new personality trait in you. Trying out a new game, hobby, food, and activity should always be welcomed in life.

Life is a wonderful journey to explore. It's up to us how we can make out the best out of this exploration. Therefore let us start exploring first!

We all possess a soul blueprint, even in basic terms, a high level of common sense. When life begins to change, the only place that we can go is within. Going within, is the only way to know our self better and going within is the only way to understand how to proceed on the journey of life change.

Knowing our self better can bring out the best in who we are, and as we are on the journey of our own discovery, be patient and be kind to yourself. Knowing yourself better, is a journey worth taking.

Do the unusual thing: When faced with a choice in daily life, step back for a minute and think. Then take the option that is and feels unusual or difficult one.
Do something new and something you wouldn’t expect from yourself. For example if you often step back from a challenge,just don’t for this one time. If you often get into arguments with people then just don’t this one time and instead just let it go or treat the other person with kindness. Do the opposite of what you usually do and see what happens (while using common sense of course).

This is fun and great way to get new experiences and to learn things about the world and about our self that we wouldn’t know if we kept going like we usually do. It’s also a great way to be surprised about life as things often turn out more positively.

Getting stuck in the same old routine until it becomes a rut can suck the life out of us. Doing the unusual thing in small and big situations, no matter how it goes, is a great way to feel alive again and to reveal aspects of our self that may have been hidden from us.

Expand the mind by becoming aware of the things we resist. We do not need to change anything. Awareness is a catalyst for true change. In its light, ignorance cannot persist.


  1. Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.

  2. True, one must learn to discover oneself.

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  5. Nice one Sonia,

    Discovering ourselves is very important, even I had written a blog post on the same


  6. nice post i must say...sonia.

  7. 'Know thyself, and thou shall know the Universe and God'...was it Pythagoras? I thought I read it in the Vedas....

    so true...nice post :)


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