Monday, November 15, 2010

Invest in Relationships

People come first, let us invest in relationships. What is the point of achieving our dreams but being alone there, having no one to celebrate success with. Today we might have become well connected electronically, spending hours reading blogs, surfing internet, chatting online, doing FB, Orkut etc... but we have forgotten the importance of conversation and human touch, power of dinning and eating together with family and friends.

Let us work to build the bonds of humanity by being loving to kids and family, kind to friends, supportive to team members and customers. Relationships are most basic but most beautiful treasures of life; let us value them, realizing our own best through our relationships. Ultimately Business and life is all about forging human bonds.

Most of the time we take relationships for granted. We find it hard to say we value, love and treasure friends and families. Give the best when friends and families are around. No man is an island and we have to live in a community, in communication with others to survive and develop as a whole and complete person.

In the quest of the success, one important area which can be utilized as a feedback source for our life is human relationship. The quality and type of relationships that exists in our life can say much about our personality that we have gained over the period. Our relationship with other people mirrors our human life in different ways. We can measure the quality of our life by the quality of relationships we have with others. Having relationships that support us is probably the biggest key in becoming that grand person we envision to become.

Good relationships are central to a meaningful and fulfilling life.
For a high quality of life, a person should have relationships that bring fulfillment, stability, and contentment for life satisfaction. Quality of life really is not dependent upon one’s degree of wealth or material possessions. It is more dependent upon the relationships a person has - at work, in the family and friends, and the degree of intimacy and satisfaction they bring into a person’s life.

Healthy relationships support, encourage, inspire, and help one to improve and develop in a natural and functional manner. Healthy relationships are not just desirable, they are essential to human growth and development - satisfaction and fulfillment in life. In healthy relationships, one feels safe, valued and respected.

A great place to start improving our relationships is with our attitude: open mind and senses towards other people. If we are aware of this, and focus on improving our communication and relationships, we will begin to feel great about our self. A person with good communication skills will move swiftly towards his goals and dreams.

Loneliness is a powerful factor in our making an idol of a human relationship. It often drives us to value a human relationship for a kind of satisfaction it cannot deliver. There is always a price for the prize. Nothing is for free. However, with enough effort, focus, and determination that prize will become a reality and it will be well worth the price!

Money Is A Means To An End
We must learn this early in our life that money is only a means, a type of usefulness, an instrument. Like all instruments, it has certain purposes, but it will not do everything. One must learn how to use it, what it will do, but above all what it will not do."
Material goods are to be used and people to be loved, don’t do the other way round, loving the possessions and using the people. It is fatal for our own self.
Once we understand that money cannot purchase the emotions, relationships, or feelings that truly lead to happiness, money (and material possessions) will become much less important to us. If we do something just for the money, the love of it will soon die. If we do something we love, then the money is secondary but it will come a lot easier and it will last longer.


We work hard to make more money to have more possessions, some worthy and some not so necessary. Owning a luxurious bungalow is costly but we rationalize that the family will have so much fun and great memories together. But at times to build that bungalow, the family is no longer together. Material possessions are not as important as possessing shared experiences with our family. Furnishing our home with family is our best investment.

The key here is only when one is grounded in spirituality and has started the journey of a loving relationship with one self, which leads to know and develop a loving relationship with the Supreme, can one truly reap pure love and, more importantly, bring forth that pure love into other relationships.


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  2. Lovely piece. True, it is more important to earn human beings than to earn money.

  3. Sure Onkar, this is where we have really to invest our time.

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  7. Wonderful thoughts. Healthy relationships make us happy and contented.

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