Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spirituality At Workplace

We all are facing numerous personal and business challenges today, much because we are unable to find the meaning in our job/ work and life as a whole. Our job/ work play a significant role in our lives and it is important that we find fulfillment in what we do. Work is as much about spirit and soul as it is about salary.

Work spirituality has become a significant aspect of organizational culture in most of the business organizations today. The values of spirituality greatly enhance the sense of accomplishment in an individual, which impacts on the overall productivity and growth of the organizations. Regardless of what type of job one has and how unfulfilling it might be, one should take steps to make his/her job “more lovable.” Let us discover the steps to achieve spirituality at work place.

At the individual level, spirituality at work is a distinct, multidimensional experience characterized by cognitive, spiritual, interpersonal, and mystical dimensions. Spirit at work involves:
Engaging work characterized by a profound feeling of well-being, a belief that one is engaged in meaningful work that has a higher purpose, an awareness of alignment between one's values and beliefs and one's work, and a sense of being authentic;

A spiritual connection characterized by a sense of connection to something larger than self;

A sense of community characterized by a feeling of connectedness to others for a common purpose; and

A mystical or unitized experience characterized by a positive state of energy or vitality, a sense of perfection, transcendence, and experiences of joy and bliss. We yearn for work to be a place in which we both experience and express our deep soul and spirit.

We want to feel supported, we want respect, we want to belong and we want to evolve spiritually. Money has very little to do with any of these factors. Learning to respect and accept others helps unite us together, strengthening that universal energy that keeps us alive. What one calls this universal energy is unimportant. It is there, whether we see it, feel it or believe it. When we are in harmony with it, our lives are smoother and easier. When we fight it, we are only fighting our self.

A house divided cannot stand; a person divided cannot function fully, whether in the workplace or in our personal lives, our attitude about the world defines how our life unfolds. Make a choice today to live the fullest life possible - filled with friends and enjoyable work. The world will be a better place for all of us.

The philosophy of spirituality at the work place encourages the emotions of generous love, care, humanity, creation, inner satisfaction and self fulfillment. It is a fact in today’s dynamic business environment; organizations’ performance, productivity and competence are an exclusive outcome of leadership spirituality.

Leadership spirituality intrinsically motivates and drives an individual’s internal focus towards organizational development by aligning their personal values with the values of organizational vision and mission which creates a psychological affiliation between individual and the organization and increases the level of self fulfillment at work.

Leadership spirituality provides the essence for improving the capabilities of individuals, their productivity and growth by setting up an organizational perspective containing the values of love, care affection, affiliation, wholeness and loyalty which builds an inner connection of the individual with his organization.

Spirituality in the workplace promotes the expression of talent, brilliance and genius — talent in the sense of our Divine gifts; brilliance in terms of our intellect and the intensity of the light we have to shine; and genius not as a scarce commodity, but as something that everyone has. Our true job is to connect with that genius. And moreover, spirituality in the workplace also leads to increased self-fulfillment, contentment and a deep sense of belonging.

The orientation of leadership spirituality in organizational culture empowers an individual morally and ethically by making them bold, confident and competent, which as a result enhances their job involvement and job satisfaction. Spirituality impacts in the strong communication and interpersonal relationship among employees by setting up a culture of individual support, collaboration and intrinsic motivation of employees that subsequently leads to highly productive and satisfied work force.

The work spirituality is also found very significant in reducing the pressure, tension, anxiety and burden of work and makes the job more enjoyable. Spirituality is found extremely beneficial in reducing the feelings of tensions, anxiety as it aids the individual to cope with the burden and pressure of work.

Our work is an extension of ourselves, in ways that are personal and complex. Almost any job has some level of natural enjoyment. In strictly economic terms work that provides us with joy, work that we would do even if we weren’t paid for it, isn’t work at all. But we all need to make a living. The level of toil or natural enjoyment is a large factor in how various jobs are compensated. Many people choose jobs that they enjoy doing, even though they could earn higher wages doing something they found more toilsome.

While working with spirituality, one has to have a sense and satisfaction of being a competent and creative producer. As an employee, our spiritual self is one of the diverse strengths we bring to the table. Simply by approaching projects, goals, and interpersonal relations in the workplace with intention, one can pursue individual fulfillment while also doing our part to gently promote a holistic, healthy and harmonious working environment.


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