Monday, September 13, 2010

Delhi Rains

This year rain has been really different in Delhi, in my lifetime I have not experienced this kind of rains in Delhi. Till date we have received a total 846.5 mm of rain so far during this monsoon, 45 percent above average. The month of August alone has received 455.1 mm of rainfall - almost 100 percent above the average. And In September, we received 145.3 mm of rainfall till date- almost 88 percent above average. (IANS). Altogether it has left Delhi much greener whether cleaner or dirtier is debatable. Since we have had unique rains this year, one article on rains ‘to banta hai’.

There is no doubt, in the Northern Indian planes, rains bring in a new lease of life for Nature and human beings alike. Monsoon rains have a special and magical link with the hearts of Indians. It never fails to move us. Along with the rains we experience some of the wonderful blessings of the nature like: clouds, breeze, lightening, tears and raindrops.

When it rains soft grey sky drifts to the ground, it feels as if sky has come down and wants to touch and feel the earth, it over shadows it beautifully. The rain drops falling from the sky wash away all sadness from the hearts, along with it. The fresh smell of first rain, when it touches the ground is an unforgettable one, it has its own magic, so thick, and so sweet, difficult to put it in words, as if it is the smell of God, when one rests his head on His shoulder.

The feel of the rain on the face, and the wind on the skin, the drops are chilling, and send shivers down the spine, when I close my eyes and raise my head toward the clouds, they look so young and so restless, and so full of life, so calm and collected, as if the wind speaks to me, telling me of life, and of sorrow, of love, and of joy, of many things, both amazing and sad. When one hears the lightening it sounds as if the universe is roaring and calling for the rejuvenation of the earth.

Rain represents God's blessings to us. These blessings are seasonal, since to everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heavens. There is a time to sow and a time to reap. Sowing is in our hands, what shall be the results of that sowing depends on the rains. When this rain comes, it softens the ground, so that the resources can be utilized to the maximum.

It comes to break the fallow grounds so everything will become fruitful. Previous areas of resistance begin to give in. Second, the rain comes to "discover" sown seeds. Have you ever sown a seed which did not grow, and you had totally forgotten about these seeds, until the coming of the rains, when suddenly they sprout up much to your surprise. That is why I call rain as a blessing from the heaven, because the hard work done in the past and even forgotten can yield the result later, so keep sowing. Seed is the metaphor for any good deed done in the past and rain is the metaphor for God's Love on us.

The rain comes to REFRESH the soil. It comes to refresh our souls, our house, our families, or even our work environments begin to change. If we utilize the opportunity properly and work on our transformation at this time, move to a new work environment or move up the ladder at work, we can understand the blessing of spiritual rain in action. The diversities and the draughts change. God commands the earth to bless you.

The rain comes to increase the measure of water in the "almost dried up" rivers. One tributary joins another and the level of water increases. Rivers become stronger and stronger until the Word of God reveals.

There are lot of interpretations and imagery which can be drawn out of rains, which gives us the mystical links to this beautiful gift of nature, getting wet in the rain means that soon one shall be cleansed from troubles and problems. Rain also symbolizes fertility and renewal. Seeing and hear rain falling, symbolizes forgiveness and grace. Watching the rain from a window with open heart brings lot of spiritual ideas and insights to our awareness. It may also symbolize fortune and love. Hearing the tapping of the rain on the roof indicates spiritual ideas and blessings coming to mind. It also suggests that one will receive much joy from home life.

And if it rains too much, and you are getting too much trouble because of that, don’t forget the sun will shine soon.


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  4. Hi Dav Didi, i know it is really scary, but that is what Delhi is going through this year in monsoons.

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    CWG ki shaamat jo aaye hai....

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    It appears that rain is also after CWG and teaching lesson to make proper planning in advance instead of having last moment rush like govt. is doing and never predicted such heavy rain in september 1st & 2nd week.

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    nice comment by Pankaj

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    "Delhi Rains" is refreshing and light.
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    " I dont think rain will stop sonia"