Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cutting Edge- Ingredients of Success

We have the power to create a perfect job for ourselves only when we use our choice for how we approach our work. We can make our personal and work life more fun, more creative, imaginative and rewarding, by just a little extra effort. There are ingredients of success that work for each one of us regardless of what business one is in or what kind of person he/she is. There's a certain magic in the ability to command and control the forces of life—to bring wave of dreams into reality, doing work as a form of self-expression, as a medium of joy and self-satisfaction, as an instrument of growth.

This redefinition of work from tedious drudgery into the purpose of life, or at any rate integral to it, is a paradigm shift of impressive proportions. Work is no longer separate from us; it is an important part of us. It is no longer the means to an end; it is an end in itself. Money, financial security, power, fame, and prestige shall cease to be the goal of work, they shall become it’s by products.

One can make life rich, multi-hued and dynamic, where work and self are intimately intertwined. Work derives form that we are, and in turn, it impacts on who we are. Draw strokes on society's palette that is strong, unique, and positive. In realizing perfect work, we are actually realizing ourselves.

Happiness happens when we fit with our life. When we fit so harmoniously that whatever we are doing is our joy. In other words, one should choose to enjoy the work. Being happy comes from the way we think at our very core – and that thinking shapes the work we do. Not the other way around.

Learning starts with knowing our own self. Socrates said “Know thyself” for a good reason. Feeling inadequate is stressful, but knowing we have unique gifts to contribute to the world of work provides immense satisfaction. The more one knows about the strengths, more one creates the work life of enjoyment. Let us identify our strengths so that we can redesign our job as such it becomes more meaningful and fulfilling because it capitalizes on our strengths. One understands his life’s purpose and defines himself as who he is, rather than what he does. Knowing life’s purpose allows creating a passionate work life that feels more like play than work. Expressing true self escalates self- esteem.

One should be honest to admit strengths and weaknesses. Know where to improve and do not waste time neglecting the weak aspects of personality. Instead, work at it so that they will be well-rounded to be able to adapt to different situations. When our life moves toward the direction of our focus, we receive the richest rewards when we support our strengths rather than warring against our weaknesses. When we concentrate on our most valuable talents and contributions, seen and unseen resources help us accomplish our purpose.

The key here is one is always blessed with and has that personal power within to create a meaningful, joyful and fulfilling work environment- you are the creator. You are yourself the miracle, whom you are searching and seeking for last so many years of your life. A fulfilling life doesn’t create a happy individual. A happy individual creates a fulfilling life- the cutting edge to succeed is always with you, just use it and succeed.

Irrespective of what others might have told, our personality is as flexible as that of a newborn baby. With self- awareness and clear intentions, one can reconfigure the brain as many times and in as many ways and shapes the soft clay can be molded. One has the ability and choice as to how does one respond and perceive any situation. One always has the power to mold the attitude and respond in ways that are winning.

One can anytime reprogram the neural network of the brain by carving new pathways of joy and intelligent optimism. When faced with an unpleasant situation, which cannot be altered, embrace the challenge with the curiosity of a small child- “I wonder what I shall learn this time”. Solving situations is exciting because the process would eventually produce personal and professional growth. One has to focus on how to be productive and identify what can be enjoyed in the present moment.

When we have the power to change our self, we have the power to change the world around us. With this knowledge one is free. Notice the mirror effect in action, whatever image and energy we project in it, it comes back to us multifold. When we radiate a calm accepting presence we are immediately rewarded with the kind supportive, external environment.

We are the sole commander of our attitude, emotional state, and how we react to challenges. Employees who are peaceful and fulfilled recognize that most challenges can be resolved by shifting perceptions. It is impossible for any situation to trouble us. Only our opinions of circumstances cause despair, anger and agony.

Inner turmoil is never caused by what exists. It is brought about by the desire for something different, and we resist and do not accept the reality. Pain is created by resistance to what exists. Identifying our preferences yet being detached from a specific outcome produces a profoundly beneficial state of mind, the mind is our private inner sanctuary of freedom and peace. Recognize that unpleasant situations are opportunities for growth. When we change our perceptions then the world rewards with a very different reality.

If we are to enjoy our jobs and reach our highest levels of self- actualization, it is essential that we encounter every situation as a possibility of growth and development.


  1. Hi Sonia, great blog! I'm following your blog, on twitter and also FB via MBC.Hope to see you at my places sometime:)
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  2. Great.A positive outlook towards life in a new Dimension.Hats off to you Soniya..

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  3. Hi thanks Yonca, u r welcome, i shall sure take a look

  4. A profound piece and the first picture is great.

  5. I'm always impressed and enamored of those who do as you suggest; they work with ease. To observe one who has a beautiful attitude and pride in what they do, being in the moment, accepting all with grace, that's a thing of beauty. To me, it's akin to a conductor presiding over an orchestra; aware of all they cannot control, and in command of all they can, creating an energetic force. Not just the ballerina dancing, the yogic acrobat archer (as in that great, funny top photo!), but the chef in the kitchen, the construction worker building, the farmer gardening, the garbage man on his me, it's an inspiring thing to do a job well and affect those around you in a postive way. thx for a great post!

  6. Excellent, Truth of life work with enjoy gives positive & extraordinary energy. Radhe-Radhe

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