Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010- India

The Commonwealth Games is the biggest sporting event after the Olympics; very few countries get the opportunity to host CWG. We are very lucky that such an event is happening in our country and our city- Delhi.

While the games may have been in the news for all the wrong reasons, even in as desperate a situation as Delhi might find itself, the attitude of its people can rise above their leaders’ failings – and create an overall positive impression. Let us ensure that the visitors carry a positive image of the games when they leave from here. Let us showcase the hospitality that is rooted in our Indian tradition.

We must remember that the Commonwealth Games do not merely show the capacity of Indian politicians and officials to handle a major international event. It is the entire city of Delhi that is on show, and all of the people contained within its walls. Let us focus on what we can do -- remain "positive". National pride is involved with the event and every effort is being made to make it a success. Let us acknowledge the hard work and dedication put by the people responsible for the event. The faceless people who have sacrificed everything – from their home, livelihood, to even their lives and those who have travelled thousands of kilometers and worked relentlessly through the rain in trying to get Delhi “ready” for the games and to save “our national pride”.

Anyone who has crossed Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium late at night would have seen laborers hard at work, dangerously balanced high on top of the stadium buildings, without any safety equipment. 128 people have suffered injuries working on the construction sites and 45 people have died working for the CWG till date.

With less than 4 days left for the games, irrespective of how the events turn out –the next time we are stuck in our cars in a traffic jam, cursing the Games, the Delhi Government, the corrupt officials etc, lets spare a thought for those who have lost more than we can imagine to make our lives a little easier in the end. Now Let us do our bit to help the event being a success. Let us believe in the people responsible for the event, let us encourage them to deliver their best, let us work as a team to make everyone more productive.

The Games shall showcase India's organizational ability to go with its rising stature on the global stage — as the spectacularly organized Beijing Olympics did for China. This event is an opportunity for India to showcase itself as a potential world leader of tomorrow. I am sure the country will deliver a good Commonwealth Games despite the controversy-marred build-up to the event. India will come out in flying colors with a good show at the CWG.

Let us pray to God together- “Dear Lord, in the struggle and conflict that goes on for the success of the Games, we don't know how to resolve it but You are our Savior. Please save and restore, and bless us all, making this event a huge success, providing security and safety of everyone involved. Please cast out the fear we feel and replace it with confidence in Your sufficiency and guide us all in making this event a huge success, bringing pride and honor to our country.”


  1. Reports suggest more than 100 people died during construction work.
    I would really be proud if media fights about it, and victims and their relatives get justice.


  2. Hi, Neo there has been a lot of contribution from lot of people to make this event a success, let us acknowledge that and pray that they are compensated in the righteous way.

  3. Rahul Khanna @ facebook

    very true sonia.

  4. S.k. Sharma @ Facebook

    Let us pray to Lord Ganesha for the success of the Games .

  5. Cheatan Koul @Facebook

    we do agree and understand. But it goes wrong beacuse of our Govt. Govt. is busy in filling their pockets, and who is suffering is the Mango people. It is pride for us to representing our Country but we failed, we we stands now all know very well.....We can change the whole scenario but for that we all have to think and act. but no one is intersted. hope for the best. jai Hind!!!

  6. Hemraj Dabur @ Facebook

    i think still we are not failed and this CWG will be fully rocking dont worry lets hope for the best and be positive yaar

  7. Kunal Kumar, Mumbai @ Plaxo


    Really impressed with this blog and what we can do for CWG, have to do like co ordination with players and members.
    Again saying really impressed.


  8. Hello! I am following you now from MBC! This seems like a very interesting event!

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  9. Hi there, thanks for the follow, I'm now your newest follower. This post was very well stated. My husband has been to Dehli a few times and we are hoping/praying for the best!


  10. Sure it is an interesting event, thanks Gossamer. I shall visit your blog too.

  11. thanks Rose, good to know your husband has already been to Delhi.

  12. Hi Sonia! thanks for stopping by Remember Ember! I'm following you back too! Can't wait to read more! =)


  13. Thanks for the enlightenment.

    Even our silent contribution of cooperation will be a great help for our nation's pride.

  14. Sonia

    The common wealth games are a scintalating true success !

  15. Now that we are moving towards the end of CWG, you would be happy that your prayers have been answered.

  16. thanks sure it has been a grand success