Monday, August 30, 2010

Consummate Exactitude- Importance of Precision

To be successful in life “Consummate Exactitude” is another personality trait which should be inculcated in life. It focuses on to be complete or perfect; supremely skilled; superb, it is a quality of being exact- exactness; preciseness; and accuracy. “Consummate Exactitude” is what makes an ordinary product turn into an extraordinary brand and an ordinary human being into an extraordinary achiever.

It is the key to tap our maximum potential that lies within us to achieve all the great things we desire? Most people fail to tap into their maximum potential because they do not know how to make full use of themselves. Brain is the most powerful tool created by higher power.

Every successful person uses their brain to help them achieve amazing results in their life and anyone who wants to be successful, should learn how to do this. Once we know exactly what we want to achieve in our life, we can then focus on all our potential toward a single direction just like a laser beam that will cut through all the obstacles in front of it. Successful people know exactly what they want in their lives, where they are going and what is their destination in life, they fully believe that it is possible to achieve that goal. If one does not believe that he can be successful, then how will he put in his full potential to make things happen?

Let us always keep our goals and our dreams in our mind. Successful people think about what they want to accomplish in their lives all the time. They can talk, walk and dream about it the whole day. Whenever we focus and think about what we want, we condition that thought into our subconscious and this allows us to act automatically to do what it takes to achieve what we want.

When we fully believe in something, we will do whatever it takes to achieve it. To make the full use of our potential, we must be 100% committed and willing to take action. The lack of action is one of the top killers of all successes. Most people will put things off and procrastinate and this is what causing them to fail in their lives. Therefore, decide to put in 100% commitment right now to achieve what you really desire in your life.

Now whatever action we have to take is with Consummate Exactitude, means preciseness, exactness; rigid nicety; excessive regard to forms or rules; rigid formality." Precision is the state of being precise as to meaning; preciseness; exactness; accuracy." This is the Fundamental building blocks for success.
To many people, the application of precision in their lives is related to their words and actions. We have precise speech, precise time keeping and the precision of a military drill.

The application of precision, as noted above, is part and parcel of being civilized. It is the discipline and order that is necessary for civilization to function successfully. Most people will never actually create objects to a high precision. It is understandable, therefore, that they overlook this important aspect of a civilization's infrastructure. To laypersons, precision is an abstract concept. This is not a criticism. If someone has not had precision manufacturing experience, either professionally or as a hobby, an understanding of the concept of precision is academic.

We are end users of powerful precision technologies that fuel our civilization and make our lives easier. Without manufacturing precision, cars and computers would not run, planes would not fly and CDs would not play. The precision we create is born out of necessity. A small mistake in precision can cause devastating casualties.

To achieve success means to become master in all aspects of living. Being successful for most people means having a loving marriage, working at a task that they love which is of real value to society and which supports them financially, knowing plenty of genuine friends, and belonging to a loving extended family. Success in all these areas leads to abundant living. But none of them is actually possible unless we get to details of precision.

For precision one needs vision and vision comes from passion and the end result comes from patience and determination to see the final outcome. This is in a nut shell what Consummate Exactitude is.

When the going gets rough, there can be times when the only thing that keeps us on track to success is our vision, patience, passion and determination that what we are doing is the right choice- so don’t stop keep moving with Consummate Exactitude.


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