Friday, July 2, 2010

Travelling- Widen our Horizons

Travel widens our horizon of knowledge. It broadens the mind and enlarges the heart. It is ever enjoyable and entertaining. We might spend years in education, reading books, surfing internet but through actual tours and expeditions one can easily obtain rich, practical and much valuable information and first hand relevant experience. Travel teaches us about the oneness in the variety and diversity of life. It provides us with a chance to experience cultures other than our own. At times we think that our way is the only way, but travel gives us a chance to find out that it is just not true. Other countries do things differently than we do - whether or not they do them better than we do is up to the individual assessing the situation.

Our world is a great mixture of places, people, things, built by humans, or other, created by nature. It is like a huge whirlpool, twirling us in its deep layers of knowledge. To travel means to discover. To discover new and unknown facts and images, which are so dryly described in books or on television? Imagine what will be the feeling when you read about the beauty of Venice and see some photos of its canals and squares, compared to the one when you are there. When you travel in a boat along 'Canale Grande', in-breathe the salt air and touch the little blue-greenish waves.

Travel promotes feelings of tolerance and brotherhood. It grows and promotes feelings of nationalism as well. It is an opportunity to see how life goes on outside our borders. There are a myriad of languages to be explored, foods to be tasted, and sights to be seen, and there is always something to be learned by visiting another country.

It makes us realize the importance of time in life, as during travel we know we are here for just a week or so, and we have to cover the maximum sight seeing, try maximum variety of foods, and shopping, local craft etc. Similarly we are limited in time in life also, we are here for just few years, but during our routine we forget this and think as if we are here for eternity, to enjoy life and to live it to its fullest we have to cover and do maximum things each day.

Travel gives us a chance to get in touch with the world outside. To accept different style of life, to take in different view point of the world, to broaden the mind. We are removed from the routine of the mechanical life and transplanted into something entirely alien. The experience cannot fail to stimulate and we begin to have 'moments.' These moments are the brief instances in our lives when we feel that where we are is exactly where we should be and then we gain some insight into a greater truth.

In my opinion, traveling influences our knowledge about the world. Every journey makes us smarter and more experienced. Moreover, we learn how to behave in many different situations. We have chance to discover new cultures, and after that, we can compare it with our own customs and draw intelligent conclusions. When we go to some exotic places, we may admire the beauty which we have never seen before. What's more every journey or trip gives us the possibility to see different, original architecture, cuisine and even beauty of nature. When we travel abroad we are able to find out how other people realize their plans and ambitions.

Travel, when done right, broadens and refresh our outlook on life. Experiencing new people, new customs, new surrounding and new ways to live enrich our life. For those who have limited time off, may spend their precious time for a short vacation. Taking a short term vacation may be just the thing for many workaholics to get away.

Relax, unwind, and get away from it all. Discover the great big amazing world – different cities, different states, and different countries. The beauty that this world posses is beyond words and pictures. I can show you pictures of the Grand Canyon and be very descriptive with words and tags, but I wouldn’t do it justice. Justice can only be served if I tell you to GO there and experience it!

Move away from your comfort zone and journey into someone else’s – this is the most important reason for my travelling, and it is also the most subtle. When I visit a different country, a different state, a different city - I experience the culture within that area. The longer I stay the richer my experience become with that culture, and the more I learn and appreciate the differences in cultures. With experiences comes awareness on how small choices that we make in our immediate surrounding create ripple effects to those outside of our comfort zone.

Most people regard travel as merely a form of relaxation, but it arguably has a moral dimension as well because it challenges us, tests us, and forces us to think about our lives in new categories. If it is true that some of your most fundamental moral obligations are to yourself — to how you live, to becoming the best person you can, and to making the most out of your life — then it’s arguable that you have an obligation to yourself to step outside your daily life, at least occasionally, and learn more about who you are. Or, at the very least, about who you can be when you are not caught up in the rigmarole of that daily life.

One of the biggest rewards of traveling is developing a deeper understanding of our own home as one adjusts to the patterns and realities of other cultures. When we sharpen our ability to observe another culture, we’ll also be able to apply that level of perception and appreciation to our own roots. It also breaks the monotonous routine of daily lives and fill our lives with new energy.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Dream. Discover. Explore. Travel.

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  1. Sail away from the safe harbor.
    this is Universal truth. ***

    Kunal Kumar @ Plaxo
    3 July' 2010