Thursday, July 15, 2010

Conditioning To Success

People create their own good or bad luck by their own thoughts. Conditioning to success is nothing else but conditioning our thoughts to success. We have to stop creating our own failure, we have to stop being afraid of success. One of the greatest facts in this world is that when a man changes and really changes in the God- centered way, everything changes for good. Here I am referring to just the change of thought from negative to positive if you want success, otherwise vice verse option is always there.

Our conditioning controls us, and thus, the actions, results and consequences of our life. You are where you are today as a result of your conditioning. It controls our emotions, feelings, actions and decisions. It is OUR central programming. We should really understand our “conditioning?” And, why is it so important?

First, let me assure that the state of conditioning is absolutely critical to the state of our life and it is the most important factor – out of the many factors and elements – in whether or not we will achieve the life that we Desire. No matter how much or what one study’s, or what actions one takes (or fail to take), if the conditioning is “faulty,” one shall not achieve the Desired Results. Indeed, the Law of Attraction – as well as the other Universal Laws – is absolutely useless if one has, and engages in, faulty conditioning.

Conditioning – Regardless of the kind and regardless to what extent we are actively involved as to the nature, level and extent of the content – takes place all day long, each day. We continue to condition ourselves, whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not.

And, the worst part about it is that 99% of the input data is NOT TRUE. Yes, that’s right – it’s NOT TRUE! We make it up, assign meaning to it, and then live by it. Nothing is really “true” unless we say it is!

There are two kinds of people tough minded and tender minded. Tender minded are the one’s who under obstacles and difficulties are influenced by criticism and lose heart easily. They whine and fail. While tough minded are the people from all walks of life, who have a strong element of toughness built into them, with the help of Almighty God. They have the inner power to stand up to any difficulty; they have what it takes to take it. All their actions indicate as if it is impossible to fail. Help from Him is necessary.

First step to conditioning of success is to never give up- never give in; stand up to it- fight it through with the aid from the God thus becoming a strong person, well able to bear the weight of life most successfully.

Conditioning to success is to condition yourself on day to day jobs, by conditioning and reconditioning the thoughts, and creating thoughts of success, good and winning. The thought is the ancestor of the deed, if the mind is conditioned with the thoughts of success; the deeds of success naturally tend to follow. But notice that an important ingredient of this pattern is to ask for God’s help.

Clearly define what success means to you. And if that is in harmony with God’s desire for you than you shall receive it. But if your defined success is just superficial wealth or material success than it might not be in harmony with His plan. Because His desire is to give us real riches, successful in all aspects economic, social, spiritual, intellectual, and physical. Don’t underestimate the good things that God wants for us and shall give us, if and only if we shall learn to receive.

The quality of our life is the quality of the questions we ask our self every day. The questions should be designed in such a way to cause an experience of more happiness, excitement, pride, gratitude, joy, commitment, and love every day in all aspects of life. That is how day to day conditioning for success can be worked out. On the other side if you are asking yourself how can I be successful? Pay attention to mental block or doubt you encounter on a daily basis. We all experience these feelings. How many times have you allowed these thoughts or feelings to consume you and affect your productivity? If negative thoughts in your sub-conscious control your conscious feelings than how can you succeed.

If we want to succeed in anything in this world we need to do the things that make the difference to whether we succeed or not because there are no in-between measures for the winners. The biggest obstacle we face in reaching our goals is ourselves. The understanding and controlling of our mental conditioning is critical to our success.

One can do and achieve any amount of success, if first you can believe that you can. Believing opens the channels of creative and dynamic good. It sets power flowing in even the most difficult circumstances. In the worst moment of defeat look for victory. Think Big, pray Big, Believe Big, Act Big and you shall become Big.


  1. Kunal Kumar @ Plaxo

    Great Step..."

  2. This is your best post soo far..It's really inspiring & thought provoking..

    I really really liked it.

  3. thank you so much Prasad, in very few words you have conveyed a lot.

  4. Vikram Singh Negi @ Face book
    Saturday at 2:03pm

    grt.... every person has a mind full of thoughts... but few of them are able to share or pen them down like this..... grt effort ...keep it up...

  5. Ranjana Tripathi @ Facebook
    Saturday at 3:16pm

    Nice one sonia ..We forget the power of our thought process..even in subconscious mind. It is said that Mind can be a good slave but the worst master. Its like a garden and it depends on us what are we feeding it will grow accordingly.

  6. thanks @ vikram, i shall write something on sharing in my next post

  7. Gr 8 Ranjana,
    rightly said mind is a garden and we have to periodically stop & check the growth of the weeds (negative thoughts). Thanks

  8. Thakur Mulani @ Linkedin
    July 17, 2010

    • Sure this was interesting and enlightening !