Saturday, June 5, 2010

Latent Strength Within

Let us Understand the Hidden Strength Inside each one of us, which lies dormant or latent, unused. Ask any winner and he shall refer this strength as The Key to winning any game in field or life.

The intent of the mind is so powerful. And if we use this latent strength righteously, we can Change life, ignite our career, boost business, and enhance relationships. But intentionally it requires stretching out of our comfort zone. The more you expand your comfort zone the more powerful you become. We have what seems to be an infinite amount of inner strength. We are capable of so much more! There is more learning, stretching, and growing to be done that leads to greater opportunities, more fun, success, life experience, etc. We all have access to arguably an infinite amount of inner strength and courage. What can be said for sure is we all have access to more than we currently use. The more you use inner strength the stronger and more confident you become. Stretch yourself daily and see more and better opportunities roll your way. Tap your hidden value: identify your latent strength within.

However you define personal growth, you will soon realize that to achieve personal growth on any level, you would ultimately require “Inner Energy”. Inner Energy, as it has been described in many ancient, eastern and western traditions, has always preceded any form of action. Inner Energy is the necessary component to support our emotional strength and self confidence; it creates a clear vision for the desired outcome, to give a true physical strength and the necessary inspiration to take immediate action. That resourceful and magical is this latent inner strength. Inner Energy as the hidden component to our success has the ability to do more than just empower but also redefine our personal growth from the inside out.

What is actually inner power? Inner power is a man’s connectivity to God’s network, His decision as well as willing. Many people or situations will try and stop you on your journey to success. How do you respond to these things would depend upon your connectivity with Him. The right connectivity gives you the right ability to forgive and understand, thus allowing you to grow and know yourself more - any experience adds on to your knowledge. Forgiveness & Understanding – using your latent Strength.

Our connectivity to God arouses Spirituality and spirituality arouses the consciousness of hidden/ latent strength within. Learn to live in the shelter of God, our refuge and strength, in every aspect of life – thus developing our spiritual strength.

The tools for developing latent strength:

1. Silence and Solitude: this can be a hard battle but it is worth it. It is like sitting in a sound proof room, which is totally shut away from the noise of outside traffic: the difference is amazing. We often find ourselves in a conspiracy of noise- internal/ external and it is difficult to remain focused. Indeed solitude can test our inner reality: some are extremely uncomfortable in the absence of other people. We can hear God in a noisy room and even during a conversation but it is in a quiet place that we develop spiritual strength. So make it a point to spend daily some time in silence and solitude.
2. Listening to God: we do read lot of teachings, perform many types of rituals and prayers, all that is good, but God wants to speak to us, He wants to communicate and interact with us, He wants to nourish the relationship with us, and that can be developed only by listening- it is essential to the reality of the relationship like any other.
3. And when we sit in silence and talk to Him, just like our friend, we get the right guidance and support from Him, thus developing our latent strength direct from the source.

When we get into physical exercise we make the muscles of our body stronger, when we study more and gain more knowledge, the muscles of our brain develops and get stronger, similarly by working on our spiritual and God consciousness we develop our latent strength. And it is only those who seek, who find. Only if we delve deeply into this truth, will we ever discover how exciting it is.

We have some little knowledge and we think we know everything to solve and deal with our challenges and situations, we keep struggling with them in all the best possible ways we know, without taking any help from Him, He who has the knowledge of the entire world, we have to plug ourselves with this knowledge, like internet gives you all resources of world information but you shall receive it only if you are connected with the server, otherwise you are deprived of all that information and knowledge. Similarly in life the problems are given to understand the power of God’s resource and knowledge available to us and this is only possible once we start listening to Him and develop an ongoing life time relationship with Him. Let us fall in Love with the most exciting Person in the universe; connected to the right network for developing our hidden latent strength.

The answer is not to try to boost ourselves, but to delight in our God and make Him the center of our universe; to thrill in His perfection. Today you can laugh at the fact how can we talk to God. Ten years back to make a person sitting 7000 km away present in a room and make him a part of a meeting or conference could have been a point of joke. Today this is possible through video conferencing. It is again the right connectivity. Today we don’t know the frequency God is available at, which may be our ancestors knew.

Everything you could ever hope for is found in God. Get Him and you get honor, knowledge, joy, fulfillment, power – everything. Delight in all His wonderful qualities, knowing that they are all yours because He is yours. Seek any of these without Him, however, and even if you temporarily obtain a little, you will eventually end up with nothing.

Let us take an example, we are sitting in our car, want to start it, drive and reach a certain destination. For this, first thing is to start the engine and that is possible only with the ignition. Now let us view it in our life context, the person driving is the soul and car is his body (the vehicle for living on earth) our mind is like the engine of the car, which starts and helps us to drive and live through fulfilling our ambitions and goals, thus helping us to reach our destinations in life. But what is the ignition to start the mind (the right thought process) to get directions and reach destination. This ignition comes from Him and only His connection with us. Otherwise we move but directionless.

How could we really enjoy a movie if during most of it we were looking in a mirror checking our hair, worrying about what people think of us, and so on? Our Lord is much more important and exciting than any movie. He is the Source of life, love, creativity, goodness, beauty, wisdom, joy, honor, power, purity, perfection – does the list ever end? Like our movie analogy, the more we forget ourselves and focus on God, the more enthralled we will be by Him. We will not merely be transfixed, we will be transformed. We make the greatest spiritual progress not by constant self-examination or preoccupation with our needs, failures or inadequacies, but simply by fixing our attention upon God, filling our mind with an awareness of how wonderful He is.


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