Thursday, June 17, 2010

Inner Climate

Today a lot of research is being done on our climatic conditions, global warming, air, water and noise pollution. We have so many instruments, meters and research activity to study the effects of these pollutions and how to neutralize there effects. But very little are we concerned about our inner climate, which is of-course very much within our control. Being aware of inner climate is to know whether we are living in inner harmony or inner conflict. The inner climate is directly proportional to the conditions of our outer world. Whatever you want to see outside, create that first in the inner climate.

We are so much concerned about what is happening in the other corner of the world. What is happening in the other parts of the country, in the neighbor’s house, or with other colleagues, but we don’t want to be aware of what is happening inside us, our own inner climate.

Many times we find our mind filled with rushing, restless and uncontrolled thoughts? Who is the master and who is the servant, me or the mind? Do I choose my thoughts, or does the mind choose thoughts for me? Does your mind constantly occupy your attention with worries, anxieties and problems? Can you calm down your mind and impose peace on it?

Now let’s talk science here. Whenever we create thoughts, we create protons and electrons, protons are positively charged, and electrons are negatively charged, our positive thoughts produce protons, and negative thoughts produce electrons, and like any other chemical, they produce chemical reactions inside and thus create an inner climate. These are directly responsible for the quality of energy inside and indirectly responsible for the quality of life around us.

The mind is a great and useful instrument, but it is greater and more useful, when we possess the ability to accept or reject thoughts at will, and not accept and dwell on every thought that passes through the mind.

It is usual for the mind to be always busy, always thinking, but are all its thoughts useful and necessary? How many of them are just useless, waste or negative thoughts, worries and fears?

Most people are enslaved by their thoughts. It does not occur to them that they can become free from their grasp. The chatter of the mind continues incessantly from the moment they wake up in the morning to the moment they fall asleep at night. The habit of constantly thinking is very deeply ingrained in the human race.

Nevertheless, this habit can be undone. But to replace negative thoughts with the positive ones is quite possible and easy. And by doing so we have a healthy inner climate and generating better outer world around us.

Thoughts constantly come and go. We may choose to ignore them and enjoy inner peace, or we may choose to give them our attention and be constantly occupied with them. It is not so simple and easy to be able to choose which thoughts to accept and which ones to reject, but there are ways to do this.

By reducing the amount of thoughts in our mind, we attain mastery over the mind, and are able to focus it on whatever we want. We will be able to use it in better and more useful ways.

A calm mind is a powerful mind. A peaceful mind brings inner happiness that affects other people. It is a great asset and advantage to be able to silence the mind when its services are not required. A person who is able to silence the inner chatter of the mind is free from worries, anxieties and fears. And thus enjoy a happy and healthy inner climate.

Making the mind peaceful and free from the compulsion of incessant thinking is possible, provided proper steps are followed. With the proper method and exercises, everyone can attain at least some measure of inner peace and mental mastery.

To control the mind is not just the ability to concentrate on one thought and disregard other thoughts. It is the ability to cleanse the mind completely and make it silent. This silence brings peace, contentment, happiness and bliss- wonderful inner climate.

If the inner climate is right, one may get physically hurt by something or somebody, but one cannot be emotionally hurt by anyone or any situation.

Today we have collected so much material possessions outside, and we are so empty and exhausted from inside. Like any other battery, our inner battery also needs to be recharged. So keep checking the inner climate, once in a while. Always give respect to others, by doing so we generate first respect inside and then only it comes outside. Similarly the vice verse is true. Avoid the habit of gossiping and criticizing others, as all this first creates negative energy inside and thus spoils the inner climate.

For the right inner climate we have to develop the right art of thinking. One learns to read, write, talk and play etc… there is training involved in every task but we are unfortunately never taught the right art of thinking!!! There has to be clear instructions of delete to certain waste thoughts, and few thoughts might have to be replaced with powerful, positive thoughts. So develop the habit of Watch, Match And Catch. WATCH out for any negative thoughts. MATCH them with your original being- you are happy, powerful and peaceful, if not then CATCH it and substitute it with positive thoughts. It is an art requires practice, but gives wonderful results.

Have a happy and healthy inner climate.


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