Friday, April 9, 2010

Mind Detox – Take The Garbage Out

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become”- Buddha

Mind is a very powerful resource- God’s gift to us, which if used properly can create a beautiful life. On the other side if left unchecked, life can become miserable- what is your choice?

As we have healthy food for the body, we keep a check on what we put into our digestive system, to keep the body healthy, similarly we have to keep a check on the diet we are giving to our mind. Pure thoughts are the healthy diet for the mind. Creative thoughts are like vitamins and positive thoughts provide proteins that build will power, while thoughts of serving others are like carbohydrates, which provide energy for the mind. Feed the mind righteously; keep a constant check on the thoughts you are feeding your mental system with. These thoughts not only effect your day to day action, prosperity, success and money but also your health. If garbage is put in only garbage shall come out – stop and check.

One might have to reformat the system, because for years of life you have been thinking in a certain pattern, based on past experiences, information and belief system one holds. Lot of garbage has already being fed into the system. Thoughts are like a CD that is played in the laptop of the mind. What you play is what you see and experience. What you think is what you live. To make changes in your life it is necessary to eject the old CD, and insert a new one that you like. Stop and check.

It is very simple let us take few examples: boss said something wrong; this is stimulus, as an employee one would give response to it, but in between this stimulus and response is the freedom to choose. It is not what he said to me, it is what I did with what he said to me. Most of the time in between what was said and how we reacted to it, we start drawing inferences from it based on what our CD is playing. So stop and check.

In physics we have studied that a metal’s stress is inversely proportional to its resilience although the pressure remains constant on different metals. The stress would change on each metal based on how much resilient it is. Similarly how much resilient is your mind and soul, would depend your reaction to any given situation. What material is your soul made of? – weak metals like copper and tin can easily be bend, but iron and Gold can pass through any amount of pressure. Gold rather becomes more beautiful after passing through fire. This is resilience, which even we are accountable for, how much resilient is my spirit, when it comes across a challenge. This resilience is a very important term with a deep meaning; I shall cover it separately in another post.

Another example is first time you taste a cup of green tea, and you don’t like it, but next time you programme your mind and you love the same cup of tea. The list is endless, but the trick is important.

Now this new programming shall only be possible once the earlier junk or garbage is cleared, cleaned or detox. We need to sit in silence everyday for a while atleast, keeping all our hi- tech gadgets switched off. And in this silence feed your mind with best possible positive thoughts, with a daily effort of 15 minutes and religiously doing the same for 40 days, it shall become a part of your life and believe me, just do it as prescribed like a medicine and see the difference in your happiness, peace, health and success.

Your mind holds fears, worries, stress and so forth. Mind detox is removing the compulsive thoughts, fears, hates, worries and other attachments from our minds; this removing is only possible by replacing, replacing this negative slowly and slowly by all positive. So stop- check, waste thoughts, they are of no use rather harmful.

Right thought creates the right vibration, if you think yourself as a victim of situations; others would also see a victim in you and not a leader. Stop and Check. Actually you can lead your life the way you want; God has given you the powers and resources to achieve this. You are not a victim but a conqueror.

At times because of our previous hurt, even in a new relationship we start building a wall around us in order to protect us in this new relationship (whether boss, colleagues, friends or spouse). The wall is build of our own mind stories based on past experiences, so that now we are not hurt again. The moment you build this wall the energy flow in the relationship gets blocked, and then we find ourselves in the similar situations with similar people, but actually it is our own repetitive behavior of that repetitive CD which is running in the mind. So the key is detox your earlier CD, create a new one and change the situations you find yourself in.
All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world. Today you create thoughts of your spouse cheating with you; tomorrow he shall do it actually. Because of your thoughts, which became your body language, negative energy and behavior or may be words, reality manifested.

You go for a fresh interview and carry your old baggage of thoughts with you, and then you say the interview panel rejected you, where as you rejected yourself in your thoughts before the panel did the needful in reality.

Guard your thoughts. Stop And Check.


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  3. I don't think thoughts have the direct ability to create - only God creates. But our thoughts do affect our attitude and receptiveness to other changes and circumstances in our life. Thinking about your spouse cheating will not make him cheat, but if you think about it often, you may begin to resent him, which may harm the relationship, which MAY lead him to cheat, but not always. Still, a positive outlook is always a good thing.

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  5. I completely agree that we need to cleanse our minds every so often...just step away from all of the negative that we hear and see in the media and on the internet!

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  8. I fully agree, thoughts are important as they become our actions and actions take us to our destiny.
    Where there is love and hope, faith and trust, doubt can never exist and it should not.

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

  9. Thanks tree it is really interesting, shall spend some more time on it.

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