Thursday, March 18, 2010

Take Control Of Your Life

We always have a choice in life, what we want to choose. Once we choose that and move in that direction, new situations and circumstances follow. Along with the choice comes few roses and few thorns. We accept roses with welcoming hands but resist the thorns in all possible ways. We don’t accept the thorns and don’t take any responsibility for them, although these are also the outcome and byproduct of our own choice.

When we don’t accept the unwanted we start the blame game. Now this is played both externally with people around and involved. And internally in our inner dialogue, now we say, "I have to accept this as it is, I don’t have any choice."

And the moment we use this kind of conversation we lose control over the situation, we feel like a victim and we allow someone else to take charge of the situation.

But let’s be clear what being in control means, it is not related to power or authority. Close your eyes for a minute and think, what does being in control means to you. To me it means being my own navigator of my own ship, knowing exactly which direction it is going and on the way I am happy, content and enjoying the ride.

We are the creator of our journey, the writer of our story. The creator of your own thoughts, emotions, feelings and imagination. If you are the creator, you can any time regulate or moderate your situation, by taking charge of wanted and removing the unwanted. For healthy thoughts to nurture, unhealthy ones have to be removed. Ask a farmer and he knows the damage unwanted weeds can do to his agricultural yield. Similarly we should know the damage our self created unhealthy thoughts, can do to our situations and circumstances of life.

So next time you find yourself in a difficult situation, don’t ask the situation to change, ask for the strength to face the situation and rise above the situation.
There are times when we say, "someone has hurt me, I am very disturbed."

But the fact of the matter is we are choosing that someone to hurt myself. If you want to remain in control and in charge than choose the right things. With every one problem, you shall always have two choices, number one you can cry over it, number two you can laugh over it – choose to laugh over it and you can solve it better. As such we all know the great problems of yesterday are hardly of any relevance today.

Whenever you go to the market, you see lot of things, even if you have money to buy you don’t buy everything, you would always choose and bring home only what you like. Similarly in life, during a day, lot of things will happen, you can not bring back everything home. You have to choose, and choose rightly, based on your values and priorities. Making the right choice, brings in more control of your life, opens you up. We are using our mind, heart and spirit more and thus receiving more what life has to offer.


  1. Your blog almost seems like an answer to all my troubles :P
    On a serious note, its wonderful and if m able to follow even a single post, m sure to bring more peace in my life.
    Shall read more.
    Keep up!!

  2. Sonia I felt recharged on reading your blog :) 'don’t ask the situation to change, ask for the strength to face the situation and rise above the situation', these are excellent thinking by you and I do beleive in asking God to give me the strength to face the difficult situation rather than changing it :) Keep blogging girl...u rock

  3. Thank you Richa, i appreciate your interest in my blog.

  4. Wow.Gr8...really touching, keep it up :)

  5. Thanks Kishore, well said life is Awesome

  6. Yes you are One Hundred percent correct, its me who decides my fate. By the way your choice of picture for the title "Take control of your life" is Great.

  7. thanks Shannmuha, very unique name any specific meaning....

  8. Wednesday, March 24, 2010 12:29 PM

    Dhruv Chawla commented on your link:

    "wow...ur a superb writer. This was really motivating and inspiring. This has made me audacious to do anything in my life. :D "