Monday, March 29, 2010

Self Discipline To Accomplishment

Self Discipline is a force which channelizes our inner energy and directs it in the absolute direction; helping us to do ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Self discipline has many advantages:
1. It enables us to cultivate consistency
2. Mind stays focused and it does not side tracks important matters
3. One remains composed even in adverse circumstances
4. Stay determined to complete the task successfully
5. One has full control over his/her activities

Self discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. It is very easy to set our targets and goals, but how shall we accomplish them if we are not in discipline with ourselves. To achieve a particular target there is a definite course of action which needs to be followed and that can only happen if you have self control. As in this picture in order to achieve our Goals, we have to cross the bridge and reach the Goals, but in between the bridge there is a missing link and that red link we carry with us, it is our own self discipline.

E.g. If my target is to close 5 tenants for my shopping mall by the end of this month in 30 days time, I will have to make 50 calls in first 3 days, 5 meetings each day subsequently and then a regular follow up calls and meeting with the clients. Mind will of course give 10 reasons to avoid that first call or meeting or follow up call, as lot of refusal, objection, no’s etc. can come my way, but if I am focused at my end result, with self discipline and control, I shall not be seeing those small difficulties which come in my way. I shall make myself sweat that extra mile to accomplish my targets. Despite the rejection, I shall stretch myself to the next call with same enthusiasm.

Similarly we all know what exactly is to be done for achieving that particular target. Fat guy who need to lose 10 kgs in one month, knows exactly what is to be done each day, each hour. And we all know what it shall take to achieve his target, its only self discipline, commitment to his goal. The bottom line is either you are going to be disciplined or you shall be disappointed. Will power is actually like a muscle, the more you exercise it, the more you use and stronger you get it. Start self discipline from smaller habits – like choosing between: watching TV for hours or reading a book. Gossiping with friends or playing a sport with friends!!

Here is the key; you can't change your habits you need to replace your habits. If you have a bad habit of watching too much TV, replace it with reading and listening to motivation tapes. If you have a bad habit of eating, you can replace it with exercise or something more productive. So take a look at your habits and create an action plan to replace those habits with more productive habits. Start practicing this and you are on this path of exponential success. It is like sculpting, a little bit at a time. You'll get there.


  1. hai how is it possible when someone who does'nt have self discipline achieves their target?

  2. very true, that s the importance of self discipline..and if it can be cultivated from childhood,nothing is impossible

  3. Very interesting article. I liked it. Self-discipline is the key to success.

  4. thanks for visiting my blog and appreciating the article.

  5. Self-discipline is a great virtue. We have to cultivate self-discipline in our kids at an early stage. My daughter is just 1.5 and I have already started teaching her so many good habits and virtues.

    Nice article Sonia.

  6. Wonderful Prakash, this is the best age to start, doing a great job as a Father.

  7. Hello, My name is Aswani. Thanks for adding me to your indiblogger network. added you too. very nice blog you have here. Keep it up and Keep in touch. btw, this post is very motivating. Thanks for your thoughts. have a nice week ahead :D

  8. Thanks Ashwani for visiting and leaving your comments, I appreciate, you too have a gr8 weekend

  9. Wednesday, March 31, 2010 11:12 PM
    Hi Sonia,

    This is Gajendra. First off all thank you for your comment on my quarry on PLAXO.
    I saw your profile on plaxe. I found your official email id. So thought of to say thanks.

    I will work on self discipline. I asked that question because from last many days i was thinking to start a new work but was not getting time and not managing my time properly.
    But i will do that now.
    Take care

    Thanks & Regards,
    Gajendra K Seervi