Monday, March 29, 2010

Self Discipline To Accomplishment

Self Discipline is a force which channelizes our inner energy and directs it in the absolute direction; helping us to do ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Self discipline has many advantages:
1. It enables us to cultivate consistency
2. Mind stays focused and it does not side tracks important matters
3. One remains composed even in adverse circumstances
4. Stay determined to complete the task successfully
5. One has full control over his/her activities

Self discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. It is very easy to set our targets and goals, but how shall we accomplish them if we are not in discipline with ourselves. To achieve a particular target there is a definite course of action which needs to be followed and that can only happen if you have self control. As in this picture in order to achieve our Goals, we have to cross the bridge and reach the Goals, but in between the bridge there is a missing link and that red link we carry with us, it is our own self discipline.

E.g. If my target is to close 5 tenants for my shopping mall by the end of this month in 30 days time, I will have to make 50 calls in first 3 days, 5 meetings each day subsequently and then a regular follow up calls and meeting with the clients. Mind will of course give 10 reasons to avoid that first call or meeting or follow up call, as lot of refusal, objection, no’s etc. can come my way, but if I am focused at my end result, with self discipline and control, I shall not be seeing those small difficulties which come in my way. I shall make myself sweat that extra mile to accomplish my targets. Despite the rejection, I shall stretch myself to the next call with same enthusiasm.

Similarly we all know what exactly is to be done for achieving that particular target. Fat guy who need to lose 10 kgs in one month, knows exactly what is to be done each day, each hour. And we all know what it shall take to achieve his target, its only self discipline, commitment to his goal. The bottom line is either you are going to be disciplined or you shall be disappointed. Will power is actually like a muscle, the more you exercise it, the more you use and stronger you get it. Start self discipline from smaller habits – like choosing between: watching TV for hours or reading a book. Gossiping with friends or playing a sport with friends!!

Here is the key; you can't change your habits you need to replace your habits. If you have a bad habit of watching too much TV, replace it with reading and listening to motivation tapes. If you have a bad habit of eating, you can replace it with exercise or something more productive. So take a look at your habits and create an action plan to replace those habits with more productive habits. Start practicing this and you are on this path of exponential success. It is like sculpting, a little bit at a time. You'll get there.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gloriously Conquer

We all deal with challenges everyday in our lives, nothing new. While dealing with these challenges, we get the ultimate experience of life. Accordingly we can feel either a struggle or an enduring voyage towards growth and accomplishment. Every time we face a challenge the spirit has to emerge Glorious. How!!!

Whenever you have to accomplish a challenge, ask yourself how badly you need to get across. What level is your burning desire to achieve it? Here I would like to share a story of a Lion and a Rabbit. Once there was a lion in a jungle very strong and healthy. He came across his prey the rabbit and he started to chase the rabbit in order to hunt him, catch him and satisfy his hunger. But the rabbit was also determined to run fast and very fast and it kept on dodging the lion each time. After all the marathon, when both of them got extremely tired, finally lion gave up, and said to rabbit, “I accept my defeat and you are a winner, but I would like to ask you a question, how did you manage to defeat me, while I am stronger, bigger and an expert in catching my prey?”. Then the rabbit replied, “Sir, you were running for your stomach (hunger), and I was running for my life, it was a question of life and death for me.”

This is the burning desire, a passion of life, that come what so ever may, I have to conquer these circumstances in order to come out as a winner. This is only possible if we are just present in the moment and not at all bothered about the past or unsecured about future, investing all our energy in the present moment, focusing on the challenge head on with just one intention to conquer it gloriously. You will find the strength and courage to deal with it, always remember to view your challenges, as if they were serving a purpose, which they always do.

We have to deal with today’s issues today. Let us not be concerned what will happen tomorrow, because tomorrow will come with its own set of challenges, which you have to deal with tomorrow. So stop mixing past with today, today with tomorrow.

Now where do I get the strength and courage to come out of the challenge as a winner? Surprisingly that strength is always available to us, we are the one who ignore it. God with all His wisdom, energy and strength is always there, this unlimited resource is available to each one of us, but we have to ask for it, we have to tune into Him for His strength and wisdom to come across and solving our challenge. He is like a transmitter, always there, we have to tune into His frequency in order to receive from Him. And He knows exactly what we should receive exactly to take care of that particular situation .

It is not that we don’t pray. We normally do, and more often when we are in trouble, but we ask the situation to change, other people to change, we ask for the material things to come across. But God does not have that; He has power, peace, purity and love. He can only give us what He has. So ask for a drop of His power and you shall have the strength to solve your issues.

Always have faith in yourself. People might call you anything, but you don’t become that with each word of theirs. What you think about yourself is what you are. Check your own thoughts. Your own thoughts sabotage your success more than anyone or anything else. There is nothing more to conquer but yourself first of all. Then all the setbacks in life will seem like opportunities in disguise……..because they actually are…………

Hum Koi tinka nahin, jisse hawaain udaa le gayin;
Hum koi katra nahin, jisse andhiyaan baha le gayin;
Hum to wo chattaan hein, jisse aao, aur aakar takrao;
Aur khudh hi thak kar laut jao.

Translation: “I am not a small straw, which the winds can blow anywhere, I am not a small drop, which storms can carry anywhere, I am like a solid rock, with which you should come and conflict head on, and leave back tired yourself.” That’s the kind of rock solid self esteem, self faith we should have in ourselves, to combat whatever comes our way.

As such if the clouds come in front of the Sun, the existence of Sun cannot be challenged. It is still there shinning to its own glory, but people cannot temporarily see its complete sunshine, its complete glory, similarly the clouds of your challenges shall also pass through and you shall again shine as you got to. In order to gloriously conquer, we have to conquer our own mind first:

“ man ke haare haar he, man jeete jag jeet” - If you lose in your heart you actually lose, you win over your own heart and you have won over the world. As a small child I remember hearing these words from my Mom, a lady who is an epitome of strength and perseverance.

Let us first gloriously conquer our own mind with the help of God, the greatest resource available, tune into Him and you shall receive. With His help let us gloriously conquer these minuscule challenges, which are there for a purpose.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Take Control Of Your Life

We always have a choice in life, what we want to choose. Once we choose that and move in that direction, new situations and circumstances follow. Along with the choice comes few roses and few thorns. We accept roses with welcoming hands but resist the thorns in all possible ways. We don’t accept the thorns and don’t take any responsibility for them, although these are also the outcome and byproduct of our own choice.

When we don’t accept the unwanted we start the blame game. Now this is played both externally with people around and involved. And internally in our inner dialogue, now we say, "I have to accept this as it is, I don’t have any choice."

And the moment we use this kind of conversation we lose control over the situation, we feel like a victim and we allow someone else to take charge of the situation.

But let’s be clear what being in control means, it is not related to power or authority. Close your eyes for a minute and think, what does being in control means to you. To me it means being my own navigator of my own ship, knowing exactly which direction it is going and on the way I am happy, content and enjoying the ride.

We are the creator of our journey, the writer of our story. The creator of your own thoughts, emotions, feelings and imagination. If you are the creator, you can any time regulate or moderate your situation, by taking charge of wanted and removing the unwanted. For healthy thoughts to nurture, unhealthy ones have to be removed. Ask a farmer and he knows the damage unwanted weeds can do to his agricultural yield. Similarly we should know the damage our self created unhealthy thoughts, can do to our situations and circumstances of life.

So next time you find yourself in a difficult situation, don’t ask the situation to change, ask for the strength to face the situation and rise above the situation.
There are times when we say, "someone has hurt me, I am very disturbed."

But the fact of the matter is we are choosing that someone to hurt myself. If you want to remain in control and in charge than choose the right things. With every one problem, you shall always have two choices, number one you can cry over it, number two you can laugh over it – choose to laugh over it and you can solve it better. As such we all know the great problems of yesterday are hardly of any relevance today.

Whenever you go to the market, you see lot of things, even if you have money to buy you don’t buy everything, you would always choose and bring home only what you like. Similarly in life, during a day, lot of things will happen, you can not bring back everything home. You have to choose, and choose rightly, based on your values and priorities. Making the right choice, brings in more control of your life, opens you up. We are using our mind, heart and spirit more and thus receiving more what life has to offer.