Thursday, January 21, 2010

Soon The Weather Will Change

It might be frozen cold right now- with foggy days and chilly nights, but it shall not remain the same forever. It shall definitely change in a few days. It can be a physical torture and quite taxing if one has to spend a lot of time outdoors, traveling etc……

Similarly in life when we go through rough weather, it can be quite torturing to the soul internally if not physically. But remember even this whether will change very soon for better. How harsh might be the circumstances right now, how cold might the people have turned around you, how harsh, stormy be the situation, but after all this storm the peace, comfort and calm shall prevail, as in the nature, so shall be with us, with our soul.

The sun shall shine very soon; let it be very cloudy & foggy right now. Variety is really important for life to be enjoyed and lived fully. If it would have been sunny and bright always, we would have never known its importance, sunshine is important only after dense rains, clouds, fogs and dark nights. But when we know it is there for a while, you can enjoy even that rough weather, endure it better, learn from it and become wiser and experienced.

You can’ t eat all sweet all the time, even salt, sour and bitter all have their tastes and roles to play. It takes both the rain and the sun to make a rainbow, after the storm, you must endure the rain, and then wait for the sun.

The rough and the extreme weather tests our limits, at times we are ourselves not aware of our own strengths, but in these challenging situations when we stretch beyond our limits we experience self awareness and know our actual intelligence, strength and capacity, the muscle of the brain which were not used earlier become active and perform beyond expectation.
Ask for God’s help whenever you are trapped in rough weather, ask for His strength to help us endure it all and pass through it, eventually becoming tougher and receiving all His love, peace, warmth and comfort.


  1. when spring dint remain forever even the winters shall pass...

  2. yes it has to that is the law of nature