Friday, December 11, 2009

Peace Amidst Confusion

In times of crisis, when our challenges/ trials look larger than life itself, every individual has a choice as to what his or her personal reaction will be.

Thoughtful person, shall go for the hidden meaning and learning from the trails, attain a sense of personal peace amidst the confusion of the world around and move on.

Person, with proper sense of time, can bring the difficulties of the day into their proper proportion. No matter how great its magnitude is, no crisis can over whelm the spirit of a person whose inner eye is fixed on the everlasting God, one who has the inner sense of God’s power. The difficulties of the day must be labored upon, with our mind, will and strength. But behind them and beyond them there is God, who is working out His purpose in his own way and to His own glory. Which we may not understand at the given point of time, in relevance to given context, but He is the master painter and He is the one who knows the complete picture, we are viewing it in parts, bits and pieces. At the end of the journey, when all the pieces can be combined, we would love the creation of this master Painter, if we actually let him paint our life.

If you live intimidated by circumstances or people, then you need to come to terms with your lack of peace. God is bigger than any person or situation. Develop a relationship with Him, he is always available for guidance, we got to look up to Him for assistance, we need to hold His hand, giving our finger to Him, so that He can create something wonderful of our life.

‘Peace’ is the ability to wait patiently in spite of panic brought on by uncertainty. But if you cast everything on Him – Everything! And that includes unfulfilled dreams………unpleasant circumstances……. and an uncertain future, you can be peaceful. As that is the origin and end of those emotions, which you carry with yourself, it’s just an additional baggage, which is difficult to carry. It is emotional garbage which is using lot of important space of your hard disc (brain). Once you delete this, there is so much of empty space available where you can create anything new you want.

We may hold any position at work, work with anyone, anywhere or any part of the world. God wants to use us as His own “clerk”, in order to bring peace to someone else’s life. He simply wants us to be available for this work only in whatever we are doing. And that is how ultimately peace comes to one’s own life. Let’s hope and wish that we should be a part of His work for peace and not add ourselves any chaos and confusion to His peaceful world, by any of our actions.


  1. Why seek happiness outside when
    you are yourself
    the Eternal Fountain of Joy ? Give
    happiness to all
    who surround you in confusion,
    and you will gain
    abiding peace

  2. I fully agree, happiness, lies all inside us, with us, and we keep searching it in a big bungalow, luxury cars, clothes, big designations. But our happiness diamond lies within us, as shared in my first article, diamonds in my own backyard.

  3. "DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER",yes indeed you are right as always . But everything that glitters is not always diamond, it is our inner light that directs us to discover & explore the true diamond , which we may seek in a moment or we may strive to achieve it all our life but we may not achieve it .

  4. Nice views. True Libran views.

  5. most of the time storms of life carry us away but to stand the extremes is something that makes u strong

  6. yes tough times don't last but tough people do, thanks rajender

  7. Tora man darpan kahlaye YOUR MIND IS A MIRROR
    Bhale bure sare karmo ko dikhe diklaye
    man hi devta man hi ishwar
    man se bada nahi koi
    man is epitome it gives light
    man has thousand eyes