Thursday, November 5, 2009

Challenge Yourself, Don’t Challenge the TIME

Whenever we face a situation which is difficult to handle, we feel cornered, not finding any way out, desperate, frustrated, don’t know which way to go. The immediate reaction is we start challenging the time, the people around us and the circumstances we are in. We start a blame game, blaming the time, the people, the situations, but ignoring the most important link our self. We are unable to see our own limitation in the situation. When ever we are put in such a situation, actually we need to grow ourselves from there, the very fact that we are desperate in it, means we are still lacking in some area of life, there is some hidden blind spot which we are not able to see.

Man is a great machine, and if we challenge our own self, to be better in that situation we can create wonders, at times we don’t know who we are until we see what we can do, until we stretch ourselves beyond our limits, until we actually CHALLENGE our self. Go beyond what you know you can do. And just like that, you'll know how much more you can do.

Go beyond again, and again. Grow past the limitations you've imagined, they are only in your head and your thoughts, outside there is no limit. Do a little bit at a time, one step at a time.

Challenge yourself, and then do what it takes to meet the challenge. As you feel your strength increasing, resolve to add to it through your own efforts. The way to have real confidence is to build it. Every day is your opportunity to make yourself more confident, competent and effective.

The skills and abilities that seem out of reach are really just a number of steps away. Challenge yourself toward them, and with each effort you move closer. Push yourself beyond the familiar, beyond the comfortable, and into a higher level of ability. Feel the unique joy of breaking through your limitations again and again. And experience yourself fully, a whole new yourself, which you were not aware in the past.

If you are challenging yourself each day, it shall keep you feeling vital and vibrant. You may even develop an entirely new appreciation for who you are and what you can do. And I am sure you would love that.


  1. the self has all the answers to all the problems, but we dont want to look inside, we end in despair finding solutions outside, but how is the challenge throw more light on it!!!

  2. we don't want to look inside because we have never done that we are so used to finding happiness & answers outside us, although, the happiness and all answers lie within us we just need to look inside and we shall find.

    i shall cover this in depth in my other upcoming posts, thanks rajender

  3. Saturday, November 7, 2009 12:14 PM

    U are a good and prolific writer.. gud.. keep it up...

    sumit mathur