Monday, October 26, 2009

Diamonds in My Own Backyard

Hi All
Today I have created my blog and this is really an important day for me. Hence forth you shall be getting creative stuff from me which I hope touches, moves and inspires you.
Today I am sharing a story which plays an important role in my life and I am sure it shall add some value to your life also.

David was a very ambitious and proud man, who was desperate to be very rich. To this end, he traveled the globe, spending years away from home searching for a diamond mine. He knew that once he owned a diamond mine his dream of riches would come true. Unfortunately, David ended his days neither rich nor happy. After he died, the local condominium developer bought David’s property and started to dig the foundation. And what did he find? He found that for all these years David was sitting right on top of a very large, very rich diamond mine. I quoted this story to remind you to look first in your own back yard for the glittering opportunities. We all carry within us hidden diamonds, waiting to be discovered. Whenever we start a new job, or a new relationship, some new project, there is so much hidden treasure already available on that subject or something similar to it,and we can always use it constructively, learning from the experiences and mistakes of the others.

We have the fountain of happiness, deep 


  1. Well written and quite useful. I must say, its a good start.Look forward to more useful articles . Would love to discuss anything related to Marcom & Strategy.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, i am sure in future keep visiting for better stuff. Ofcourse would love to discuss about Marcom & startegy

  3. this is a good beginning, all the best, and keep up the pace

  4. thanks rajender for your good wishes